13th February 2014

Ceramics and Glass, Furniture and Works of Art 13th February 2014

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Lot 1: AN 18TH CENTURY WINE GLASS with a flared trumpet-shaped bowl etched with hanging swags to the rim, on a plain stem on a circular spreading base, with turned-over footrim, 6.5" highEstimate: 60-120

Sold For: £90.00

Lot 2: AN 18TH CENTURY WINE GLASS with a plain straight-sided bowl on a double air-twist stem on a circular spreading foot, 6.25" highEstimate: 50-100

Sold For: £110.00

Lot 3: AN 18TH CENTURY SMALL WINE GLASS with a plain tapering bowl with gilt rim, on a spiral gauze air-twist stem, on a spreading circular foot, 5.75" highEstimate: 50-100

Sold For: £50.00

Lot 4: A 19TH CENTURY "EMERALD" GREEN GLASS WINE GOBLET, the faceted bucket-shaped bowl with gilt rim and swags, on a faceted stem and circular spreading foot, 5.5" high, and a similar clear glass wine glass with cut-glass bowl, faceted stem and circular foot, 5" high (2)Estimate: 50-100

Sold For: £90.00

Lot 5: AN EARLY 19TH CENTURY ALE GLASS, the small flared bowl with an engraved band of roses running through the centre, on a short knopped stem on a circular spreading foot, 3.25" high, and a pair of short "custard" glasses with engraved borders, wrythen bases and spreading feet, 2.75" (3)Estimate: 40-80

Sold For: £60.00

Lot 6: A GEORGE III STYLE WINE GLASS with a flared bowl on a double spiral twist stem and spreading circular foot, 6.25" high, and a similar glass with double knopped stem, 6.5" high (2)Estimate: 80-160

Sold For: £120.00

Lot 7: AN 18TH CENTURY WINE GLASS with faceted stem, the bowl with panel-cut base and egg and dart border, on a raised circular spreading foot, 5" high, and two similar glasses, 5" tall (3)Estimate: 120-160

Lot 8: A GEORGE III STYLE WINE GLASS with a broad deep bowl with engraved swag decoration, on a faceted stem and spreading circular foot, 6.25" highEstimate: 50-100

Sold For: £60.00

Lot 9: AN 18TH CENTURY WINE GLASS with a straight-sided bowl on a slender double spiral stem, on circular foot and two similar glasses (3)Estimate: 200-400

Sold For: £280.00

Lot 10: LOWENSTEIN OF HANOVER: A MID 18TH CENTURY WINE GLASS with straight-sided bowl with gilt rim and bubble enclosed base, on a similar knop stem and raised base with turned-over foot-rim, 6.25" highEstimate: 80-160

Sold For: £160.00

Lot 11: A MATCHED SET OF SIX GREEN AND PALE GREEN WINE GLASSES with tapering panel-cut bowls, on faceted stems and spreading feet, 5.25" high (6)Estimate: 100-200

Sold For: £90.00

Lot 12: A COLLECTION OF GEORGE III AND LATER FINGER BOWLS comprising two "Bristol" Blue bowls and six green bowls, 5.25" wide and smaller (8)Estimate: 100-200

Lot 13: A LARGE "FACON DE VENISE" STYLE GOBLET, the broad bellied bowl decorated with scenes of cavorting cherubs in gilt surrounds, on a gilt knop and spreading circular base with turned-over foot rim, all with conforming gilt and coloured painted decoration, and inscribed "Giochi di Bimbi di G.D.Tiepolo", 14" high. See illustrationEstimate: 300-600

Lot 14: A REGENCY CUT-GLASS PEDESTAL WATER JUG with an all over cut and lobed body, on a spreading circular foot with star-cut base, 9.75" highEstimate: 80-150

Sold For: £80.00

Lot 15: A SET OF SIX "BRISTOL" BLUE GLASS WINE GLASS RINSERS with straight sides and double lips, 3.75" highEstimate: 250-400

Lot 16: BACCARAT: A CLEAR GLASS GRECIAN REVIVAL DECANTER with a panel-cut neck and vase-shaped body with etched decoration of swags and swans on a spreading circular foot, with etched mark, 16.5" highEstimate: 100-200

Lot 17: A VICTORIAN CLEAR AND GILT GLASS "STRAWBERRY" BOWL of bellied shouldered form, decorated in gilt with hanging fruit and swags, on a circular star-cut base with gilt border, 8.25" wideEstimate: 150-250

Lot 18: A LOETZ STYLE WRYTHEN IRIDESCENT GREEN GLASS VASE with a straight-sided bowl on a broad spreading pedestal foot, 9.5" highEstimate: 100-200

Sold For: £100.00

Lot 19: A PAIR OF BOHEMIAN STYLE TABLE LUSTRES with amethyst bodies all over decorated with gilt and enamel foliate and floral decoration, 10" high, possibly manufactured for the Turkish marketEstimate: 400-600

Lot 20: A PAIR OF CLEAR GLASS TABLE LUSTRES with broad-cut bowls, on shaped stems with spreading feet, with tapering cut drops, 9" high (2)Estimate: 100-200

Sold For: £120.00

Lot 21: A REGENCY "MALLET"-SHAPED DECANTER with circular stopper, ringed neck and panel-cut shoulders, on a circular base, 10.5" high, and four similar decanters (5)Estimate: 150-250

Sold For: £130.00

Lot 22: A VICTORIAN GREEN AND CLEAR GLASS EPERGNE with a central tall vase with wavy border, surrounded by three branches with baskets, on a wavy edged base, 17.75" highEstimate: 200-400

Lot 23: A PAIR OF VICTORIAN PAINTED WHITE GLASS VASES of bellied form decorated with roses in bloom against a grey ground, with gilt metal mounts and ball feet, 17.5" high (2)Estimate: 100-200

Sold For: £200.00

Lot 24: LALIQUE: "LYS" a bowl decorated with four moulded flowerheads, the centres forming short legs, with engraved signature "R. Lalique, France no. 382", 9.5" wideEstimate: 100-200

Lot 25: LALIQUE: "RICQUEWIHR" A broad circular coupe with moulded running grape and vine borders, marked "Lalique France", 14" wideEstimate: 300-500

Lot 26: LALIQUE: A FROSTED GLASS ORNAMENT in the form of a seated cat, with engraved signature "Lalique, France", 8.25" highEstimate: 300-600

Sold For: £440.00

Lot 27: DAUM: A CLEAR-CUT AND GILT DECORATED GLASS BASKET with a shaped handle and faceted body with all over cut and gilt decorated floral swags, signed to the base "Dreyfous, 99 Mount Street, Daum, Nancy", 6" wideEstimate: 100-200

Sold For: £240.00

Lot 28: A PAIR OF VICTORIAN BOHEMIAN-STYLE LUSTRES, each of vase-shaped form with overhanging tops with white overlaid and gilt decorated borders, with long triangular drops with pointed ends (drops detached), 12" high (2)Estimate: 200-400

Sold For: £440.00

Lot 29: LINO TAGLIAPIETRA (B.1934) A SHELL-FORM CASED GLASS SCULPTURE, the internal layer with fine mottled patches on an opaque ground, the outer clear-glass layer with a lightly iridescent surface and randomly-spaced dots, signed and dated 1984, numbered 58/100, 9" long. See illustration Lino Tagliapietra, along with his US contemporary Dale Chihuly, is widely recognised as one of the greatest living artists working in glass. Estimate: 1000-2000

Lot 30: DELATTE, NANCY: AN OVOID ART DECO STYLE VASE with an orange and yellow mottled ground with enamel and cut geometric and foliate decoration, with stylised flowerheads, 11" highEstimate: 200-400

Sold For: £500.00

Lot 31: A MURANO GLASS MODEL OF A RHINOCEROS in clear glass with engraved signature "Walter Furlan" dated '97, 14", with a certificate similarly dated from Vetreria Rossetto Estevan S.R.L.Estimate: 200-400

Sold For: £180.00

Lot 32: A SET OF FIVE GRADUATED CYLINDER VASES retailed by Thomas Goode, made for the Islamic market, each with etched Arabic inscriptions, the largest 14.5" highEstimate: 100-200

Sold For: £200.00

Lot 33: TIFFANY STUDIOS NEW YORK: A FAVRILLE OPALESCENT GLASS PAPERWEIGHT of irregular rectangular form, mounted in metal as a paperweight, stamped to the base "Tiffany Studios, New York, 935, 10004,", 6" x 5". See illustrationEstimate: 500-1000

Sold For: £500.00

Lot 34: GRAY-STAN: A MOTTLED GREEN GOBLET-SHAPED VASE with a tall flared body on a straight stem with spreading foot, with engraved signature, 13.25"Estimate: 200-400

Sold For: £180.00

Lot 35: GALLE: A CAMEO GLASS VASE with a tall tapering neck and bulbous flat-sided body, all over decorated with sinuous trailing foliage and flowers, 11" high Estimate: 200-400

Sold For: £440.00

Lot 36: A LOETZ STYLE ART NOUVEAU GLASS BOWL, with a wavy rim above a shaped body with four applied iridescent mounts, 8.5" wide Estimate: 100-200

Lot 37: A LOETZ STYLE IRIDESCENT GLASS VASE with a flared and pinched rim above tapering sides with wavy iridescent decoration, 4.25" high and a similar twin handled vase (2) Estimate: 100-200

Sold For: £100.00

Lot 38: A LOETZ TYPE IRIDESCENT ART NOUVEAU STYLE VASE with a three sided shaped and moulded rim, with all over orange and iridescent decoration, 5" wide and two similar items (3)Estimate: 250-450

Sold For: £400.00

Lot 39: A SET OF TEN GEORGE III WINE GLASSES with straight-sided bowls and short stems with double white twist inclusions, on spreading circular bases, 5.25" high (10)Estimate: 300-600

Lot 40: AN ART NOUVEAU VASE of ovoid form with slip decorated flowers and fan motifs, in the manner of Klimt, against a turquoise and mauve leaf-painted ground, the underside with impressed numbers "5573", 19" highEstimate: 200-400

Sold For: £240.00

Lot 41: A COPELAND SPODE TANKARD decorated in relief with a boy golfing with his father, with harp-shaped rope handle, against a celadon ground, with printed mark and impressed no. K931, 6.75" high, and two Staffordshire groups (3)Estimate: 100-200

Sold For: £100.00

Lot 42: A ROYAL DUX GROUP of a seated man holding a gun and a standing boy beside him, with a brace of duck, the underside with pink applied triangle mark and further circular printed mark, impressed no. 10, 23.25" highEstimate: 200-400

Sold For: £200.00

Lot 43: A ROYAL DUX GROUP of a seated classical man painting an urn, with a lady looking on, leaning against a column vase, the underside with pink applied triangular mark, with impressed numbers 1, 2 and 6, 15.75" highEstimate: 100-200

Sold For: £140.00

Lot 44: A PAIR OF LARGE ROYAL DUX FIGURES of an Arabian man carrying a bowl with flask on his back, the lady with a basket on her back, each on circular arcade decorated bases, each with applied pink triangle mark and impressed numbers 443 and 444, each 24.5"Estimate: 400-600

Lot 45: A PAIR OF DOULTON LAMBETH VASES of ovoid form, painted with white sweet peas against a graduated green ground and turquoise inner rim, the underside with circular printed mark and further impressed mark and painted initials AEB, possibly for Alice Budden, no. 452, 7" high (2)Estimate: 250-350

Sold For: £220.00

Lot 46: A ROYAL WORCESTER BLUSH IVORY VASE AND COVER of urn form, painted with pink flowers against a cream ground, with gilt decorated harp handles and conforming bun lid, on a stepped circular base, the underside with puce printed mark and numbered 1481, with inscribed no. 14, 19" highEstimate: 200-400

Sold For: £300.00

Lot 47: AN EXTENSIVE MASONS IRONSTONE DINNER SERVICE decorated in rust, iron red and black, with an oriental vase on ledge pattern, against a white ground, the undersides with printed iron red ironstone mark and gilders mark. Comprising: dinner plates, soup plates and meat plates (a lot)Estimate: 500-1000

Sold For: £600.00

Lot 48: A LARGE POTTERY MODEL OF A COCKEREL standing on an upturned bowl on an oval base, decorated overall with a graduated turquoise glaze, probably Continental, 27.5" highEstimate: 150-250

Sold For: £140.00

Lot 49: A MINTONS PARIAN WARE GROUP OF CUPID AND PSYCHE KISSING, on a cartouche-shaped base, inscribed "From the antique by Henry Bourne", the underside with inscribed numbers "2/50", 17.5" high Estimate: 500-1000

Lot 50: A MEASHAM TYPE POTTERY BARGEWARE TEAPOT and cover decorated in relief with floral rosettes and peacocks, the lid finial modelled as a teapot against a treacle glaze, 14" highEstimate: 200-400

Lot 51: A WEMYSS "GARDENING" JUG with painted floral and bird decoration and a central motto "Who loves his garden still keeps his Eden" within green bands, the underside with painted Wemyss mark, 7" highEstimate: 150-250

Lot 52: AN EXTENSIVE 19TH CENTURY "INDIAN TREE" PATTERN DINNER SERVICE, comprising Spode, Coalport and other examples. Including: footed tazzas, graduated jugs, plates, tureens and covers, teacups and saucers (a lot). See illustration Estimate: 1000-2000

Sold For: £600.00

Lot 53: A PAIR OF DOULTON LAMBETH JARDINIERES AND STANDS with turquoise and green stop fluted bodies, with ochre and brown rosette bands, on three dragon-moulded panel feet, with conforming majolica baluster pedestals, the pedestals and jardinieres with circular impressed mark, 37" high (total height) (2). See illustrationEstimate: 1000-2000

Sold For: £1000.00

Lot 54: A LATE 18TH CENTURY SLIPWARE JUG of flared form, the brown glaze slip decorated with dot and scroll trails, in a green, ochre, white and orange, the interior with a green glaze, 8.25" highEstimate: 80-160

Lot 55: A WHIELDON STYLE TOBY JUG depicting a seated man with crossed legs holding a jug, and decorated with brown mottled patterning, 8" highProvenance: An old Irish collection.Estimate: 150-250

Sold For: £160.00

Lot 56: TWO 18TH CENTURY PEARLWARE FIGURES of St. Peter holding a crucifix with a bible under his arm, with puce flowerheads to his cloak, on square bases, with rosette roundels, each 14.5". (2) See illustrationEstimate: 200-400

Sold For: £900.00

Lot 57: A DUTCH DELFT VASE of waisted form with blue underglaze decoration of a basket of flowers, within a scroll cartouche, the underside with underglazed blue "A" mark, possibly late 18th or early 19th century, 9.75" highEstimate: 300-600

Lot 58: A DUTCH DELFT POLYCHROME VASE and cover of waisted form, painted with cattle grazing beside water, within a blue cartouche, the lid modelled as a parrot, the underside with magenta initials "LS" and "80", 10.25" high, and another similar vase to form a part garniture (2)Estimate: 80-160

Lot 59: A LEEDS POTTERY TEA CANISTER of square form, with underglaze blue painted Delft style decoration, (lid lacking), 4.5" highEstimate: 100-200

Lot 60: A DELFT MINIATURE TUREEN AND COVER with underglaze blue painted decoration of Continental landscape scenes, trellis and scrolls, the base with rope-twist handles, the lid with fruit finial, with blue painted marks, probably early 19th century, 4.75" wideEstimate: 150-300

Sold For: £130.00

Sale Catalogue: Page 1

Lot 1
A collection of golf clubs

Estimate: £10-20

Lot 2
A 19th century stoneware 'Harvesting' jug and another similar

Estimate: £10-20

Lot 3
A mahogany and mother-of-pearl inlaid mantel clock and a pair of similar candlesticks

Estimate: £40-60

Lot 4
A pair of royal blue cloisonne vases and a similar bowl

Estimate: £20-40

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