14th July 2015

The Avenue Sale 14th July 2015

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Lot 1: A large Oriental vase decorated with panels depicting figures in period costume 49" highEstimate: 100-200

Lot 2: A cast iron fireback with a scene of a woman with cherubs dated 1743 29.5" wide x 21"Estimate: 50-100

Lot 3: A Jacobean style cast iron fireback in the form of carved oak panels 33" x 21" (approx)Estimate: 50-100

Lot 4: A turned marble column 39" high ( approx) Estimate: 30-50

Lot 5: A cast iron pub table baseEstimate: 10-20

Unsold (Estimate): £25.00

Lot 6: A white marble column 37" high with a similar vase( drilled for use as a table lamp)Estimate: 30-50

Lot 7: A box in the form of a Palladian temple, handcrafted by "The Down House" of Penzance, edition 21/100, by Tim Scott 1990 17" highEstimate: 30-50

Unsold (Estimate): £130.00

Lot 8: Three Oriental framed pictures depicting flowering trees and wildlifeEstimate: 10-20

Unsold (Estimate): £10.00

Lot 9: A contemporary mahogany framed wall clock 26" highEstimate: 20-40

Lot 10: A Crystoleum on flat glass depicting an 18th century interior sceneEstimate: 20-40

Unsold (Estimate): £10.00

Lot 11: A collection of brightly glazed tiles, two early 19th century tea bowls and similar ceramicsEstimate: 30-50

Unsold (Estimate): £15.00

Lot 12: A large carved hardwood African head and a collection of similar ethnic carvingsEstimate: 30-50

Unsold (Estimate): £45.00

Lot 13: A collection of decorative tea ware to include Royal Crown DerbyEstimate: 30-50

Lot 14: An Edwardian oak cased wall clock and a mantel clockEstimate: 20-40

Unsold (Estimate): £12.00

Lot 15: Three brass adjustable floor standing lamps and two standard lampsEstimate: 20-40

Unsold (Estimate): £30.00

Lot 16: A painted three dimensional sign, "Vins De Bordeaux" and another similar " Guest House, Bed and Breakfast"Estimate: 30-50

Unsold (Estimate): £20.00

Lot 17: A Wedgwood black Jasperware teapot and a collection of similar itemsEstimate: 20-40

Lot 18: A Victorian blue and white meat plate and a collection of ceramicsEstimate: 20-40

Lot 19: A collection of wicker baskets and a Lloyd Loom chairEstimate: 10-20

Unsold (Estimate): £10.00

Lot 20: A collection of vintage luggage with contents and a quantity of textile trimmingsEstimate: 10-20

Unsold (Estimate): £45.00

Lot 21: A collection of green glazed studio pottery and similar ceramicsEstimate: 30-50

Unsold (Estimate): £25.00

Lot 22: A collection of majolica, a Royal Copenhagen vase, a collection of glassware and pre-decimal coins (as lotted)Estimate: 20-40

Unsold (Estimate): £25.00

Lot 23: A green and blue Whitefriars vase and a collection of glasswareEstimate: 20-40

Unsold (Estimate): £30.00

Lot 24: A 19th Century blue and white "The wild rose" design miniature meat plate and a collection of blue and white ceramicsEstimate: 30-50

Unsold (Estimate): £80.00

Lot 25: A pair of Chinese Blanc de Chine figures of warriors and a collection of similar figuresEstimate: 30-50

Unsold (Estimate): £90.00

Lot 26: An Oriental punch bowl decorated with figures in traditional costume and two similar platesEstimate: 30-50

Unsold (Estimate): £15.00

Lot 27: A 1950s Denby stoneware coffee set with green and white hand applied decoration, the coffee pot with original standEstimate: 30-50

Unsold (Estimate): £30.00

Lot 28: A blue and white transfer decorated jug, commemorative ceramics and similar ceramicsEstimate: 10-20

Unsold (Estimate): £15.00

Lot 29: An Edwardian jug and bowl and similar ceramics to include a blue banded T.G. Green storage jar and a silver plated tea potEstimate: 20-40

Unsold (Estimate): £15.00

Lot 30: An art glass stylised blue jug with matching glasses, a Russell Sydenham studio pottery vase and similar itemsEstimate: 20-40

Unsold (Estimate): £20.00

Lot 31: An Oriental hexagonal vase decorated with figures, with open sections and a collection of Oriental ceramicsEstimate: 30-50

Unsold (Estimate): £500.00

Lot 32: A Carlton ware "Draught Guinness" blue glazed mug, a Beefeater Wade jug and two spirit ceramic miniature barrels Estimate: 20-40

Unsold (Estimate): £15.00

Lot 33: An Oriental blue and white charger, another similar, a hand painted Chinese plate decorated with warriors and a cylinder vaseEstimate: 40-80

Unsold (Estimate): £170.00

Lot 34: A collection of Adams red and white tea ware, an Edwardian plate decorated with roses and similar ceramicsEstimate: 10-20

Unsold (Estimate): £20.00

Lot 35: A collection of Oriental ceramics, a similar bronze vase and a pair of Staffordshire style catsEstimate: 10-20

Unsold (Estimate): £20.00

Lot 36: A 19th century cut glass jug and a collection of decorative glasswareEstimate: 10-20

Unsold (Estimate): £10.00

Lot 37: A collection of hand-painted tribal masksEstimate: 30-50

Unsold (Estimate): £15.00

Lot 38: A George III mahogany wheel barometer, the steel dial inscribed "C.J. SCHALFINO TAUNTON"Estimate: 30-50

Unsold (Estimate): £30.00

Lot 39: A Regency mahogany and brass inlaid wall clock, with octagonal case, Roman numerals and single train fusee movementEstimate: 80-150

Unsold (Estimate): £360.00

Lot 40: A pair of gilt plaster winged cherubsEstimate: 30-50

Unsold (Estimate): £220.00

Lot 41: An early 20th century Shibayama panel Estimate: 20-40

Lot 42: A pair of gilt table lamps in the form of altar candlesticksEstimate: 20-40

Unsold (Estimate): £25.00

Lot 43: A majolica stand decorated with brightly painted fruitEstimate: 20-40

Unsold (Estimate): £12.00

Lot 44: A collection of miniature bottles of alcohol, a vintage bottle of Warren's cider, a Babycham deer and similar itemsEstimate: 10-20

Unsold (Estimate): £10.00

Lot 45: A large quantity of 45rpm records (as lotted) Estimate: 40-80

Unsold (Estimate): £50.00

Lot 46: A quantity of Royal Copenhagen tea ware decorated with flowers and a collection of green and gilt tea platesEstimate: 30-50

Unsold (Estimate): £15.00

Lot 47: A Victorian style brass oil lamp with blue ceramic reservoir, a pair of brass candlesticks and a collection of reproduction pot lidsEstimate: 60-100

Lot 48: Local interest: A collection of Dorchester, Weymouth and Dorset vintage beer, gin and chemist's bottles to include, "Phoenix Works Weymouth" and "Goldie Ltd. Dorchester" Estimate: 30-50

Unsold (Estimate): £45.00

Lot 49: A large pair of pale green velvet curtains, a pair of red floral curtains for French windows and others similarEstimate: 20-40

Unsold (Estimate): £25.00

Lot 50: A vintage cow bell, a collection of boxes, metalware, a wicker basket and similar itemsEstimate: 20-40

Unsold (Estimate): £45.00

Lot 51: A carved African stand in the form of a crouching woman and a collection of ethnic items including a box with a sliding lidEstimate: 20-40

Unsold (Estimate): £60.00

Lot 52: An Edwardian brass adjustable hanging lamp and similar fittingsEstimate: 20-40

Unsold (Estimate): £25.00

Lot 53: A white glazed ceramic study of a fish and a collection of similar ceramicsEstimate: 30-50

Unsold (Estimate): £50.00

Lot 54: A collection of table lampsEstimate: 20-40

Lot 55: A set of copper graduated saucepans and similar metalwareEstimate: 30-50

Unsold (Estimate): £35.00

Lot 56: A French ceramic wall-hung container with reservoir, a large glazed pot and cover and a collection of decorative ceramicsEstimate: 30-50

Unsold (Estimate): £50.00

Lot 57: A marble chess setEstimate: 20-40

Lot 58: A Vintage ALBA electric record player, a red-cased portable gramophone and a quantity of 78s in a caseEstimate: 20-40

Unsold (Estimate): £10.00

Lot 58: A large quantity of LP records to include "Peters and Lee"Estimate: 20-40

Lot 59: A 19th century grained pine rocking cradleEstimate: 30-50

Unsold (Estimate): £25.00

Sale Catalogue: Page 1

Lot 1
A collection of golf clubs

Estimate: £10-20

Lot 2
A 19th century stoneware 'Harvesting' jug and another similar

Estimate: £10-20

Lot 3
A mahogany and mother-of-pearl inlaid mantel clock and a pair of similar candlesticks

Estimate: £40-60

Lot 4
A pair of royal blue cloisonne vases and a similar bowl

Estimate: £20-40

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