18th February 2016

An Important European Private Collection, Ceramics, Asian Art and Furniture 18th February 2016

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Lot 1: A MOULDED GLASS VESSEL in the form of a duck, with gilt beak and foot, 8.75" high

Unsold (Estimate): £50-100

Lot 2: A TALL CLEAR GLASS VASE with white metal mounts in the form of a maiden amongst cornucopia and swags, late 19th/20th century, 15.5" high

Sold For: £170.00

Lot 3: A PAIR OF GILT METAL MOUNTED OPALINE GLASS BOTTLES, with stoppers, 5¾" high and another similar pair, 5¼" high, 19th century

Sold For: £220.00


Sold For: £600.00

Lot 4: A PAIR OF SEVRES STYLE LIDDED VASES with goats head handles and all over painted floral swag decoration within gilt borders, 19th century, 14" high

Sold For: £260.00

Lot 5: THREE MEISSEN DOG ORNAMENTS in the form of seated brown and white dogs in various poses, 19th century, 8.5" and smaller (3). See illustration

Sold For: £1000.00

Lot 6: A MEISSEN GROUP OF THREE DOGS including a pug with scrolling tail and two other dogs, on a naturalistic base with gilt scroll decoration, 19th century, 6" high. See illustration

Sold For: £600.00

Lot 7: A GROUP OF SIXTEEN AFFENKAPELLE OR MONKEY ORCHESTRA FIGURES, mostly Pößneck examples, five Meissen figures, c.1860-70, the Meissen figures comprising hurdy-gurdy player, bagpipe player, drum carrier, trumpeter and singer, 4½ high and similar (16) <br>For a discussion of the Pöâneck and other copies of the Meissen Monkey Band cc. Fritzsche, Eine Affenkapelle der Porzellan Manufaktur Pöâneck-Ihr Meiâener Vorbild und Affenkapellen Anderer Manufakturen , Keramos 225 (2014), pp.113-132.

Sold For: £1400.00

Lot 8: A PAIR OF CERAMIC WALL POCKET VASES of basket form with attached birds, 19th century, 9" (2)

Sold For: £55.00

Lot 9: EMILE GALLE (1846-1904): A FAIENCE MODEL OF A SWAN with painted floral decoration and curled neck, signed to the underside "E. Galle Nancy", late 19th century, 14" wide. See illustration

Sold For: £260.00

Lot 10: TWO MEISSEN MONKEY FIGURES, one with a white monkey chained to a post on a naturalistic base, the other with two brown monkeys, both on rococo style gilt metal mounts, both 18th century, 8¾" high and smaller (2). See illustration

Sold For: £3600.00

Lot 11: A PAIR OF ORMOLU CANDLEHOLDERS of scrolling rococo form mounted with pairs of sheep and numerous coloured ceramic flowers, each with twin candleholders, 8.5" and smaller (2)

Sold For: £2800.00


Sold For: £50.00

Lot 13: A DELFT POTTERY WALL PANEL of cartouche form decorated with figures and buildings by a waterfront, with windmills to the distance, 19th century, 23" wide

Unsold (Estimate): £80-150

Lot 14: A STAFFORDSHIRE BLUE AND WHITE TRANSFER PRINTED WILLOW PATTERN MEAT PLATE, 19th century, 20" wide, and other similar ceramics (7)

Sold For: £20.00

Lot 15: A PAIR OF PORCELAIN PANELS decorated in blue with cavorting cherubs, framed, 19th century, 5" x 10.5"

Sold For: £60.00

Lot 16: A SEVRES BISCUIT PORCELAIN STUDY OF JEAN RACINE from the 'Grandes Hommes' series, depicted seated deep in thought, on an oval base, c. 1854, stamped "Sevres, France" and incised "C.V", 17" high. See illustration

Sold For: £180.00

Lot 17: A CONTINENTAL BISCUIT PORCELAIN FIGURE GROUP OF A BAGPIPE PLAYER and three other figures in a naturalistic landscape, 19th century, 14" high, mounted as a lamp. See illustration

Unsold (Estimate): £100-200

Lot 18: TWO CONTINENTAL BISQUE PORCELAIN FIGURES, one a gentleman carrying a lamb in a basket, the other a lady with a drum, 19th/20th century, 12.5" high and smaller (2)

Sold For: £60.00

Lot 19: A CONTINENTAL BISQUE PORCELAIN MODEL OF A BASKET OF FLOWERS with flowering roses and foliage, 19th century, 11.5" high

Sold For: £170.00

Lot 20: A TERRACOTTA MODEL OF A LADY in Chinese dress holding a dove and a basket of flowers, late 19th century, 16" high, fitted as a table lamp

Sold For: £220.00

Lot 21: A QUANTITY OF LIMOGES PORCELAIN DINNERWARE with decorative gilt borders comprising tureens, serving dishes and other items (a lot)

Sold For: £380.00

Lot 25: A CANTEEN OF CHRISTOFLE GILT METAL CUTLERY, settings for ten people. See illustration

Sold For: £1200.00

Lot 26: A PAIR OF SILVER LIDDED CUT GLASS DRESSING TABLE JARS, the repoussé decorated lids hallmarked for Chester 1898, 6.5" high, and three similar jars (5)

Sold For: £320.00

Lot 27: AN ELKINGTON & CO PLATED TEA TRAY of rectangular form with canted corners and all over engraved decoration, raised border and twin handles, 20th century, 24" wide

Sold For: £130.00

Lot 28: A SILVER PLATED STANDISH of rococo design with detachable chamberstick and twin glass ink and pounce jars, 19th century, 12.5" wide

Sold For: £70.00

Lot 29: A PAIR OF SILVER TABLE SALTS AND SPOONS, in fitted box, hallmarked for Birmingham 1906, a similar tea caddy and a christofle cruet (a lot)

Sold For: £80.00

Lot 30: A PAINTED TERRACOTTA BUST of an 18th century style maiden with curling hair, probably Marie Antoinette, with signature motif to the reverse, on a sienna marble socle base, French, late 19th century, 31" high. See illustration

Sold For: £500.00

Lot 31: TWO SIMILAR TERRACOTTA BUSTS of a boy and girl in 18th century dress, both indistinctly signed and one dated possibly 1771, French, 18" high. See illustration

Sold For: £680.00

Lot 32: AFTER JEAN JACQUES CAFFIERI (1725-1792) A bronze effect plaster bust of Corneille Van Cleve, raised on a square waisted base, 19th century, 28" high

Sold For: £500.00

Lot 33: A SILVER PLATED AND PARCEL GILT BAROQUE STYLE BOTTLE CARRIER in the form of a three wheeled carriage, 19th century, 14" wide

Sold For: £1300.00


Sold For: £140.00

Lot 35: A PAIR OF CAST IRON MODELS OF RECUMBENT LIONS, late 19th century, 7.5" and 7"

Sold For: £320.00

Lot 36: A PAIR OF PATINATED BRONZE FIGURES OF ROUSSEAU AND VOLTAIRE, each standing on Sienna marble and bronze bases, French, 19th century, 17.5" and 17" high. See illustration

Unsold (Estimate): £1000-1500

Lot 37: A CAST AND PATINATED BRONZE MODEL OF DIANA DE GABII, indistinctly signed to the base, 19th century, 13.5" high

Sold For: £260.00

Lot 38: AFTER FRANÇOIS GIRARDON (1628-1715): A PATINATED SPELTER MODEL OF LOUIS XIV on horseback, on rectangular serpentine marble base, 16.75" high

Sold For: £320.00

Lot 39: A CAST AND GILT BRONZE INKWELL modelled as a boy riding on a dog cart, in a black marble and associated serpentine marble base, 11" wide

Sold For: £200.00

Lot 40: A GILT AND PATINATED CAST BRONZE SCULPTURE GROUP OF ROBINSON CRUSOE AND MAN FRIDAY, Crusoe carrying a rifle and bird approaching Man Friday, knelt beneath a gilt shade, 19th century, 13" wide

Sold For: £900.00

Lot 41: AFTER VULLIAMY: A PAIR OF CAST AND PATINATED BRONZE BUSTS OF ROMAN EMPERORS wearing togas, mid-19th century, c.1820, 9.25" high (2)

Sold For: £1200.00

Lot 42: AFTER ANTONIO CANOVA (1757-1822): A PAIR OF PATINATED BRONZE MODELS OF RECUMBENT LIONS, on Sienna marble bases, 19th century, 9.5" and 9" wide (2)

Sold For: £1000.00

Lot 43: A CARVED GILT AND PASTE GEM-SET BUDDHA kneeling with gaze lowered, on a red and gilt integral base with four ring carrying handles, 42" high x 36" wide. See illustration

Sold For: £8500.00

Lot 44: A PEARWOOD TEA CADDY in the form of a pear, 18th century, 6.5" high. See illustration

Sold For: £1800.00

Lot 45: A RARE AND UNUSUAL FRUITWOOD APPLE FORM TEA CADDY with all over naturalistic painted finish with fine craquelure, 4½" high. See illustration

Sold For: £550.00

Lot 46: A FRUITWOOD TEA CADDY in the form of a melon with naturalistic painted surface, 18th century, 5.75" high. See illustration

Sold For: £3800.00

Lot 47: A RED PAINTED LEATHER FIRE BUCKET decorated with a Royal coat of arms, 19th century, 10.75" high

Sold For: £340.00

Lot 48: A FRENCH GILT METAL FIVE PIECE DRESSING TABLE SET comprising brushes, mirror and comb mounted with miniature portraits, late 19th century.

Sold For: £160.00

Lot 49: A PAIR OF MOTHER OF PEARL MOUNTED OPERA GLASSES inscribed "Thezard Palais Royal 141", and two similar pairs (3)

Unsold (Estimate): £100-200

Lot 50: A GILT TOOLED RED LEATHER "POCKET BOOK NECESSAIRE", possibly late 18th century

Sold For: £50.00

Lot 51: A TURNED AND MOULDED IVORY LIDDED BOX of domed form with ribbed exterior, late 19th century, 3" high

Sold For: £40.00

Lot 52: A CHINESE EXPORT LACQUER MODEL PADDLE STEAMER with central red funnel flanked by twin lidded compartments with gilt decoration of figures and buildings in landscapes, the top lifting to reveal further compartments, the decorated with stylised waves, on rotating paddle wheels, early 19th century, 25". See illustration Provenance: Acquired from Mallett Antiques, London. For a comparable examples see The Peabody Essex Collection USA, another formerly in the collection of The Earl of Perth

Sold For: £7000.00

Lot 53: AN ORMOLU AND WALNUT TABLE TOP SILK WINDER with decorative winding wheel, mounted on a fabric-lined base, 18th century, 15" wide

Sold For: £200.00

Lot 54: AN ENAMEL ON COPPER LANDSCAPE depicting a shepherd and sheep to the foreground and buildings to the distance, 18th century, 3" wide, in carved gilt frame

Sold For: £180.00

Lot 55: AN ORMOLU AND PORCELAIN MOUNTED WALL HANGING CHAMBER STICK with a Japanese lacquer dish with ormolu sconce mounted on a scrolling foliate support with ceramic flowerheads, 9" high

Sold For: £440.00

Lot 56: A LEATHER-COVERED DESK BLOTTER with gilt detailing and pen box, 20th century, 19.75" wide (closed)

Sold For: £30.00

Lot 57: A COLLECTION OF TEN NOVELTY AND SIMILAR WALKING CANES including two canes with moulded dogs head handles (9)

Sold For: £360.00

Lot 58: A NAVAL OFFICERS DRESS SWORD AND SCABBARD, the blade marked "Gieve's Portsmouth, London, Edinburgh", and a similar gentleman's dress sword (2)

Sold For: £340.00

Lot 59: A CANON BARRELLED POCKET PISTOL with flintlock mechanism and silver wire inlaid handle, 18th/19th century, 8.5"

Unsold (Estimate): £600-800

Lot 60: A PAIR OF OTTOMAN SILVER-MOUNTED HOLSTER PISTOLS, the mount with all over scrolling inlaid wirework decoration and silver mounts, with a flintlock action, 19th century, 22" (2). See illustration

Sold For: £2000.00

Lot 61: AN ANGLO-INDIAN VIZAGAPATAM IVORY AND SANDALWOOD WORK BOX with all over foliate and scrolling decoration, the interior fitted with lidded detachable compartments, 19th century, 10.5" wide

Sold For: £480.00

Lot 62: AN OYSTER VENEERED OLIVEWOOD AND BRASS MOUNTED "COFFRE FORTE" with elaborate gilt brass mounts and carrying handles, Colonial Dutch, c.1740, 11½" wide

Sold For: £2200.00

Sale Catalogue: Page 1

Lot 1
A collection of golf clubs

Estimate: £10-20

Lot 2
A 19th century stoneware 'Harvesting' jug and another similar

Estimate: £10-20

Lot 3
A mahogany and mother-of-pearl inlaid mantel clock and a pair of similar candlesticks

Estimate: £40-60

Lot 4
A pair of royal blue cloisonne vases and a similar bowl

Estimate: £20-40

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