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18th November 2016

Asian Art 18th November 2016

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Lot 121: A CHINESE JADE SNUFF BOTTLE, Qing Dynasty, of flattened and round shouldered form, mutton fat colour, 5.5cm high, with white metal floral cover, and another similar, 6.1cm (2)

Unsold (Estimate): £400-600

Lot 122: A CHINESE CARVED SOAPSTONE FIGURE OF A SEATED DAOIST IMMORTAL holding a double gourd and smiling, 11.5cm, on an associated wood base, 18th/19th century

Unsold (Estimate): £300-600

Lot 123: A CHINESE CARVED SOAPSTONE FIGURE OF A SAGE riding a fo dog, circa 1900, on integral rocks, 14cm high

Sold For: £40.00

Lot 124: A CHINESE CARVED SHUSHAN STONE, Qing Dynasty, 19th century, frontally carved in low relief with two maidens with phoenix and peony, the reverse with incised lines of poetry, the base incised as a seal, 11cm high

Sold For: £550.00

Lot 125: A CHINESE ROCK CRYSTAL SNUFF BOTTLE, Qing Dynasty, of rounded form carved in relief with flowering prunus from rockwork, 6.4cm high, with rose quartz stopper; and a similar quartz example, 6.5cm, with coral stopper.

Unsold (Estimate): £200-400

Lot 126: A CHINESE CARVED IVORY LARGE LIBATION CUP, 17th/18th century, of wave edged form within an openwork design of two long-tailed birds amongst blossoming prunus, 11cm high x 13.2cm wide.

Unsold (Estimate): £10000-15000

Lot 127: A CHINESE EXPORT CARVED EBONY CASKET, Canton circa 1850, the rectangular lid with panel worked with a populated court scene, the puce velvet-lined interior within four further carved panels, with scroll and mask feet, 15.3cm high x 19.5cm wide x 15.5cm deep, and another smaller, 13.8cm high x 18.7cm wide x 14.6cm deep (2).

Unsold (Estimate): £600-800

Lot 128: A CHINESE EXPORT CARVED IVORY NAPOLEON SUBJECT CALLING CARD CASE, worked in relief with Longwood House and Napoleon's tomb, Qing Dynasty, circa 1840/50, 9.3cm x 5.5cm.

Sold For: £600.00

Lot 129: A CHINESE EXPORT CARVED IVORY CALLING CARD CASE, worked in relief with numerous court figures in pavilions, Qing Dynasty, circa 1850, 8.3cm x 4.5cm.

Sold For: £240.00

Lot 130: A CHINESE SILK PROCESSIONAL ROBE, late Qing Dynasty, the imperial yellow ground worked in coloured silks and gilt wrapped threads with dragons amongst clouds and Buddhistic emblems, 288cm across arms x 143cm high

Unsold (Estimate): £3000-5000

Lot 131: A JAPANESE CARVED IVORY NETSUKE AS A SHISHI, Meiji Period (1868-1912), the richly maned creature stooped over a reticulated brocaded ball with loose internal sphere, with engraved two character mark, 4cm high.

Unsold (Estimate): £500-700

Lot 132: A JAPANESE CARVED AMBER SHISHI SEAL, 18th/19th century, the crouched animal on a square section integral head engraved with four character mark, 2.7cm high

Unsold (Estimate): £400-600

Lot 241: A CHINESE LONGQUAN CELADON MINIATURE EWER, Song Dynasty,of pear-shape and soft green glaze, 6.7cm high. Provenance: Dennis Alfred Barnham (1920-1981) and thence by descent.

Sold For: £220.00

Lot 242: A SMALL GREENWARE CUP, Tang Dynasty, the chamfered ring handle bearing a moulded girdle line, on outward angled rim foot, 8.9cm wide x 5.2cm high. Provenance: Dennis Alfred Barnham (1920-1981) and thence by descent. Bought from John Hewitt April 1949 for

Sold For: £2600.00

Lot 243: A CHINESE HENAN BLACK-GLAZED DOUBLE GOURD VASE with grooved strap handles to the shoulder, 16cm high. Song-Jin Dynasty. Provenance: Dennis Alfred Barnham (1920-1981) and thence by descent. This appears in the Barnham stockbook as item 138, and was purchased from John Hewitt in February 1949 for 22. The celadon dish mentioned on p.61 of "Provenance", Roy Davids and Dominic Jellinek, the entry for Dennis Barham.

Sold For: £1500.00

Lot 244: A CHINESE LONGQUAN CELADON LARGE DISH, late Ming Dynasty, early 17th century, essentially carved with a phoenix bird within a border of two competing sky dragons, 47cm dia. x 9.5cm high, . Provenance: Dennis Alfred Barnham (1920-1981) and thence by descent.

Sold For: £450.00

Lot 245: A CHINESE YIXING TEAPOT AND COVER, Qing Dynasty, late 17th century, with plain compressed ovoid body, the flat cover with conical cushion finial, the inside cover and base with impressed marks, with gilt chain and wire work mounts, 12cm high x 12cm long

Sold For: £34000.00

Lot 246: A CHINESE FAMILLE VERTE PLATE, Kangxi (1662-1722), of shaped circular form, centrally painted with a couple on horseback chasing hares within a floral border, 21.2cm dia. The base with Yue (jade) mark in underglazed blue within double concentric circle

Sold For: £2200.00

Lot 247: A CHINESE FAMILLE VERTE PLATE, Kangxi (1662-1722), of circular form, centrally painted with wildfowl within a border of eight Daoist immortals, 21.8cm dia, and another plate painted with spotted kylin in a landscape within a border of six flying cranes, 22cm dia. (2)

Sold For: £950.00

Lot 248: A CHINESE FAMILLE VERTE PORCELAIN SAUCER DISH, Honxian (Yuan Shikai (1915-1916), painted with four Buddhist emblems within thunder pattern border, four character mark in red, 14.1cm dia.

Sold For: £200.00

Lot 249: A CHINESE EXPORT FAMILLE ROSE PORCELAIN PLATE, Qianlong c.1740, with a floral bianco sopra bianco border, centred by a pair of crouched quail, 22.7cm dia., and a Chinese export armorial octagonal dinner plate, Qianlong c.1780, the central floral spray beneath armorial with legend "Radicem Firmant Frondes", *possibly the arms of Grant, 21.5cm dia. (2)

Sold For: £500.00

Lot 250: A CHINESE PORCELAIN EGG AND SPINACH BOWL, Kangxi (1662-1722), semi-ovoid, 6cm high x 12cm dia.

Sold For: £380.00

Lot 251: A CHINESE EXPORT PORCELAIN FRUIT BOWL, Qianlong, circa 1780, decorated externally with panels of family groups in gardens, against a cellular ground, in polychrome enamels, 11cm high x 26cm dia., and a Chinese famille rose export porcelain ovoid jar, Qianlong, circa 1750, decorated with four quatrelobe peony panels against a cafe-au-lait ground, 21.5cm dia. (lacking cover) (2)

Sold For: £1200.00

Lot 252: A CHINESE YELLOW GROUND PORCELAIN CIRCULAR BOWL, late Qing Dynasty, decorated with three sky dragons, externally with two further dragons, bearing six character Kangxi mark within double concentric circle, 30.5cm dia. af. Provenance: Private collection, Exeter, Devon.

Sold For: £850.00

Lot 253: A CHINESE BLUE AND WHITE PORCELAIN BRUSH POT, Kangxi (1662-1722) painted with two panels of dignitaries with attendants in interiors, the base with four character mark, 15.5cm high x 18cm dia. on associated Oriental carved and pierced wood stand.

Sold For: £14000.00

Lot 254: A CHINESE FAMILLE ROSE PORCELAIN EWER (PENBA HU) in the Tibetan style, decorated to the globular body with the Eight Buddhist emblems, bajixiang, the spout emanating from the jaws of a kylin, the trumpet foot with repeat leaf tip motifs, all enriched with gilding, the base with a Qianlong seal mark in iron red, 19.7cm high. <br>Ewers such as this are thought to have been made for use in Chinese Temples, especially those in Beijing and Chengde. Rose Kerr in "Chinese Ceramics. Porcelain of the Qing Dynasty 1644-1911", London 1986, p.114., suggests their use in Tibetan-inspired Lamaist sects. The shape perhaps owes its' origins to much earlier metal or cloisonné forms. Doucai and underglaze blue and iron red variations are known from The Qianlong Period. <br>Provenance: Private collection, London.

Sold For: £42000.00

Lot 255: A JAPANESE PORCELAIN LARGE JARDINIERE decorated with tigers amongst bamboo in underglaze blue and colours, late Meiji period (1868-1912), 35cm high x 52.5cm dia. Provenance: Private collection, Knightsbridge

Unsold (Estimate): £800-1500

Lot 256: A LARGE CHINESE FAMILLE ROSE FISH BOWL decorated with magpies amongst prunus and lingzhi beneath an archaic scroll band, 21" (53.2cm) dia. Provenance: An English private collection.

Sold For: £5000.00

Lot 256A: A PAIR OF CHINESE DOUCAI JARDINIERES, each decorated with two dragons chasing flaming pearls amongst cloud scrolls with waves below, 14.5" (37cm) dia. (2) Provenance: An English private collection.

Unsold (Estimate): £1000-2000

Lot 257: A CHINESE PALE CELADON JADE "TWO CRABS" DISH, Qing Dynasty, 18th/19th century, carved in relief with two confronting crabs, the underside incised with a branch of fruiting prunus, 7.4cm long x 5cm wide x 0.9cm deep. Provenance: Diana Barnham (b.1919) and thence by descent

Sold For: £2400.00

Lot 258: A CHINESE PALE CELADON CHILONG CUP, of ogee outline, the stone with soft polish and slightly mottled inclusions, on a carved hardwood lotus stand enriched with fruiting peaches, a bat and shou medallion, Qing Dynasty, 17th/18th century, 9cm wide x 4cm high. The stand 10.5cm wide.

Sold For: £5500.00

Lot 259: A CHINESE MOTTLED PALE CELADON PENDANT centrally carved with a peony, within a lozenge and angular motifs, late Qing Dynasty, 19th century, 7.3cm x 7.8cm. Provenance: Diana Barnham (b.1919) and thence by descent.

Sold For: £1100.00

Lot 259A: A CHINESE CARVED CELADON JADE CIRCULAR BANGLE, 8.5cm dia. Seen by the FitzWilliam Museum, Cambridge and considered 17th century.

Unsold (Estimate): £500-1000

Lot 260: A CHINESE PALE CELADON JADE SNUFF BOTTLE, the stone with mottled white inclusions, 5.1cm high x 3cm dia. and a pale celadon bat and cashcoin pendant, 4.3cm wide, both late Qing Dynasty (2). Provenance: Diana Barnham (b.1919) and thence by descent.

Sold For: £2600.00

Lot 261: A CHINESE PALE JADEITE SMALL BOWL, the white mottled stone with lighter green randomly scattered inclusions, on slightly angled foot rim, 8.7cm dia. x 5.1cm high. Provenance: Diana Barnham (b.1919) and thence by descent.

Sold For: £200.00

Lot 262: A FINE CHINESE PALE CELADON JADE GU VASE, Qing Dynasty, carved in archaic style with pointed leaf tips and panels enclosing taotie masks, 27.3cm high, on a carved and silver wire inlaid hardwood oval stand, 9cm wide x 4cm high. The exceptionally fine "eggshell" nature of the present vase may be compared to the so-called Mughal jades produced in the reign of Qianlong. The comparison also extends to the archaistic carved ornament and the soft polish associated with jades produced in the 18th century. Provenance: A noble European collection.

Sold For: £13000.00

Lot 263: A CHINESE CELADON JADE QUATREFOIL BOWL , Qing Dynasty, 18th century, of plain decoration except for a raised rim line, octagonal panelled, raised on scroll edged diminutive pierced feet, the stone with opaque white mottled inclusions,, 21.2cm wide x 6.4cm high. With label "On Loan to the University of York (Arts Collection) 342".

Sold For: £9000.00

Lot 264: A NORTH INDIAN CARVED JADE KHANJAR (DAGGER) GRIP, 18th century, carved in relief with four six-petal flowerheads and leafage, the body of light celadon colour with "snowflake" inclusions, later fitted with a Japanese shibayama inlaid ivory page turner blade, circa 1890, 48cm long overall. The handle only 13cm long.

Sold For: £1800.00

Lot 265: A CHINESE CARVED GREEN HARDSTONE CONICAL STEM CUP, Northern Wei style, the girdle band carved with "comma" motifs, on a knopped foot, 10.8cm high

Unsold (Estimate): £200-400

Lot 266: A CHINESE CARVED JADE FIGURE OF BUDAI, late Qing Dynasty, a corpulent sage smiling and holding a rosary fly whisk, 11cm high x 13.5cm wide; and a carved hardwood cloud form stand

Unsold (Estimate): £200-300

Lot 267: A CHINESE 14CT GOLD AND JADEITE BROOCH modelled as a crab, mid 20th century, pierced with a cash coin pin fastener; a 14ct gold and jadeite stick pin; and a Chinese caved agate pendant as a bat, fruits and a lotus leaf, 5cm high (3)

Sold For: £340.00

Lot 268: A CHINESE POLISHED AGATE SNUFF BOTTLE of shouldered rectangular form, with gilt metal and coral stopper, Christies Hong Kong label to the underside, 7.2cm high Provenance: Private collection, Knightsbridge, London.

Sold For: £480.00

Lot 269: A CHINESE BRONZE BEAKER-FORM CENSER, Qing Dynasty, 18th/19th century, with angular side handles, bearing Xuande sealmark, but later, 11.8cm wide x 6cm high

Sold For: £21000.00

Lot 270: A CHINESE GILT BRONZE SEATED FIGURE OF A SCHOLAR, Ming, holding a gourd in his left hand, 36cm high Provenance: Private Collection, Knightsbridge

Sold For: £2800.00

Lot 271: AN IMPRESSIVE PAIR OF CHINESE CLOISONNÉ ARCHAISTIC GU VASES, Qing Dynasty, the lead necks decorated with taotie masks mounted with phoenix handles, with mask and ring side handles, raised on four zoomorphic feet, 71cm high x 35.2cm wide

Unsold (Estimate): £8000-15000

Lot 272: A CHINESE CHAMPLEVÉ ENAMEL CENSER in archaic style (Fangding) Qing Dynasty, with fo dog finial to the pierced and swept cover, the body with archaistic scroll ornament, and inswept legs, 33cm high x 22cm wide (lacking handles)

Sold For: £1600.00

Lot 273: A PAIR OF CHINESE CANTON ENAMEL BALUSTER VASES AND COVERS, Qing Dynasty, each yellow ground enclosing circular panels depicting musicians and family groups on verandas against scrolling foliage, the square baluster section painted with children playing games in verandas against foliate grounds, the domed covers with lappet borders, 23cm high, on later wood stands. Provenance: Private collection, Knightsbridge, London.

Sold For: £800.00

Lot 273A: A CHINESE CANTON ENAMEL SHALLOW CIRCULAR DISH, Qianlong, the piece painted with an amorous couple recumbent near rocks, an angel trumpeting from clouds within wriggle-work borders, 18.8cm dia. af

Sold For: £300.00

Lot 274: A JAPANESE GOLD INLAID IRON BOX by Komai, Meiji period (1868-1912), the lid decorated with a pair of peacocks amongst blossoming branches, with further panels of bamboo and pine branches, inlaid 9 character mark Komai Kyoto, Japan, 15.4cm wide x 10.4cm deep x 6.8cm high.

Unsold (Estimate): £3000-4000

Lot 275: A JAPANESE DAMASCENED CIGARETTE CASE, early 20th century, Komai type, the front decorated with the Nikko Shrine, the reverse decorated with song birds, with Fuji mark, 9cm x 6.7cm Provenance: Private Collection, Knightsbridge

Unsold (Estimate): £300-500

Lot 276: A CHINESE GOLD LACQUER AND MOTHER OF PEARL INLAID SMALL COSMETIC BOX in the manner of Jiang Qianli, late Ming/early Qing Dynasty, with cinquefoil flowerhead, each petal with a different densely patterned ground, 4.5cm dia. x 1.5cm high. Jiang Qianli was a late Ming Master in inlaid lacquerware. A rather similar Qianli (marked) hexafoil box was included in the Exhibition at the Hong Kong Oriental Ceramic Society, Arts from the Scholars Studio, Hong Kong, 1986, catalogue p.169, no. 144.

Sold For: £5000.00

Lot 277: A CHINESE BRONZE FO DOG, late Ming/early Qing Dynasty, 17th century, the spirited and detailed animal turning to the left, its paw on an open brocaded ball, 11cm high x 13cm long.

Sold For: £180.00

Lot 278: A PAIR OF CHINESE CLOISONNÉ ENAMEL CRANE AND TORTOISE CANDLESTICKS, early 20th century, each bird standing holding the lotus bud candle nozzle with lotus leaf twin sconces, standing upon hairy tailed tortoises, 40cm high.

Sold For: £950.00

Lot 279: A RARE CHINESE "HUANG HUALI" WRITING BOX, late Ming Dynasty, the lid with ruyi head silhouette brass angle strengthening mounts and studs, the interior with four compartments (one lidded), with side carrying handles, 35.5cm wide x 23cm deep x 8cm high. This box is an exceptionally rare and early example of a Chinese made wooden box in the Dutch colonial style and was almost certainly made for the Dutch East India Company (VOC). It belongs to a small and rarefied group of boxes made by Chinese woodworking masters in the 17th century Tao/Confusion tradition. The wood exhibits a lustrous and rich patination and the brass mounts are finely engraved. The best Huang Huali furniture was produced by cabinet makers in China's lower Yangtze River basin during the Ming Dynasty. The wood was much prized and it was reserved for furniture constructed for the court and for the wealthy and elite literati. Cf: Jacobsen, RD & N Grindley: Classical Chinese Furniture: In the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Paragon Publishing 1999.

Sold For: £9000.00

Lot 280: A CHINESE ZITAN BRUSH POT, Qing Dynasty, perhaps 17th/18th century, of plain cylindrical form, 13.5cm high.

Lot 281: A FINE CHINESE HUANGHUALI BRUSH POT of cylindrical form with three short integral feet and slightly pronounced top and bottom rims, the caramel-toned graining with vertically arranged irregular markings and several complex gnarls, Qing, 17th/18th century, 7" (17.8cm) dia. Provenance: Sydney Moss Ltd, London, 1990. Private collection, West Dorset.

Sold For: £5000.00

Lot 282: A JAPANESE LACQUERED WOOD DRESSING-TABLE WITH MIRROR STAND, Edo (1750-1800), the cubical box with two frontal deep drawers surmounted by a mirror stand, decorated with rafts floating in eddying streams, 27.3cm wide x 27.3cm deep x 63cm high (lacking any contents)

Sold For: £650.00

Lot 283: A JAPANESE GOLD LACQUER INCENSE BOX, late Edo period (1615-1868) decorated with peonies on a nashiji ground, the pull-off lid revealing a tray, the incense burner of pumpkin form (akoda-koro), the three tier incense-box (jaukogo) with three other vessels, in fitted lift-out tray, 27.5cm wide x 22cm deep x 18.5cm high.

Sold For: £2000.00

Lot 284: A JAPANESE CARVED IVORY CYLINDRICAL LIDDED BOX, late Meiji period (1868-1912), the lid carved in low relief with the head of a screaming ape holding fruit, 6cm high x 8cm dia.

Unsold (Estimate): £100-150

Lot 285: A PAIR OF CHINESE CLOISONNÉ ENAMEL PLAQUES, Qianlong (1736-1795), depicting lakeland views, enamelled in rich tones with fishermen and scholars in boats and on islands with pine trees, a pagoda beyond, 25cm x 19cm, within gilt bronze frames, 28.5cm x 22.5cm

Unsold (Estimate): £1200-1800

Sale Catalogue: Page 3

Lot 1
A collection of golf clubs

Estimate: £10-20

Lot 2
A 19th century stoneware 'Harvesting' jug and another similar

Estimate: £10-20

Lot 3
A mahogany and mother-of-pearl inlaid mantel clock and a pair of similar candlesticks

Estimate: £40-60

Lot 4
A pair of royal blue cloisonne vases and a similar bowl

Estimate: £20-40

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