1st August 2015

Ceramics, Asian Art and Furniture 1st August 2015

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Lot 1: ALFREDO BARBINI: AN ABSTRACT CLEAR BLOCK GLASS SCULPTURE, of flattened rectangular textured form, with three pierced holes on a squared base, with engraved signature 'Alfredo Barbini' to the reverse, 17.75" high. See illustration.Estimate: 700-900

Lot 2: ALFREDO BARBINI: A CLEAR SQUARE BLOCK GLASS SCULPTURE, with five internal fish and bubbles, with engraved signature, 'A. Barbini' and Barbini Murano label, 8.75" high. See illustration.Estimate: 500-1000

Lot 3: ALFREDO BARBINI: A RECTANGULAR CLEAR BLOCK GLASS SCULPTURE, with two internal shrimps, with engraved signature, 'A. Barbini', and paper label for 'Pauly and Co.', numbered 'A.37869', 10" high. See illustration. Estimate: 500-1000

Lot 4: ALFREDO BARBINI: A SMOKY BROWN GLASS SCULPTURE OF A HAND, apparently designed by Napoleone Martinuzzi, with fingers extended, on square base, with engraved signature, 'A. Barbini', 12.5" highEstimate: 300-500

Lot 5: ALFREDO BARBINI: A CLEAR AND ORANGE STRIPED SCULPTURE OF A FISH, apparently designed by Napoleone Martinuzzi, 12" wide, with engraved signature 'A. Barbini' and 'Pauly and C.', label number 'A.37854' Estimate: 400-600

Lot 6: ALFREDO BARBINI: A RED GLASS 'AQUARIUM' BOWL, internally decorated with a leaping fish amongst bubbles, with engraved signature 'A. Barbini', 12" diaEstimate: 400-600

Lot 7: ALFREDO BARBINI: AN ABSTRACT 'GEODE' FORM AMBER GLASS BOWL, with engraved signature, 'A. Barbini' , 10" wideEstimate: 100-200

Lot 8: ALFREDO BARBINI: A GLASS SCULPTURE OF TWO MOUNTAIN CHAMOIS ON A ROCKY OUTCROP, with engraved signature 'A. Barbini' and 'Pauly and C.' label, 'A.5230', 12.5" high. See illustration.Estimate: 300-500

Lot 9: ALFREDO BARBINI: A PAIR OF CLEAR GLASS SCULPTURES OF A CLASSICAL MAN AND WOMAN, apparently designed by Napoleone Martinuzzi, on a ball base, with engraved signature 'A. Barbini Murano', with 'Pauly and C.' label numbered 'A.37810', and 'A.37806', 9.5" high (2). See illustration. Estimate: 250-450

Lot 10: ALFREDO BARBINI: A RED, GOLD AND CLEAR GLASS SCULPTURE OF A MAN PLAYING A GUITAR, with engraved signature 'Alfredo Barbini', 12.5" high. See illustration.Estimate: 200-400

Lot 11: ALFREDO BARBINI: A FROSTED GLASS SCULPTURE OF A MAN, with engraved signature 'A. Barbini', 18.25" highEstimate: 300-600

Lot 12: BARBINI: A CLEAR GLASS VASE FORM SCULPTURE, in two interlocking parts, with 'Barbini' label, 11.25" highEstimate: 150-250

Lot 13: BARBINI: A CLEAR GLASS PAPER WEIGHT, with three bubble inclusions, signed 'Barbini Murano', 4" diaEstimate: 100-200

Lot 14: BARBINI: A TALL GOLD EFFECT VASE, with engraved signature 'Barbini Murano', and similar label, 10.5" highEstimate: 100-200

Lot 15: ALFREDO BARBINI: TWO SIMILAR JUGS, with white body and dark handle and red body and white handle, each with engraved signature, 'A. Barbini', 9.5" high (2)Estimate: 200-400

Lot 16: BARBINI: A CLEAR GLASS SNAIL, with engraved signature, 'Barbini', 8.5" wide. See illustration.Estimate: 100-200

Lot 17: ALFREDO BARBINI: A GLASS SCULPTURE OF A GAZELLE, with engraved signature 'A. Barbini', and 'Pauly and C.' label, numbered '39057', 8" wide. See illustration.Estimate: 150-250

Lot 18: ALFREDO BARBINI: A BLUE GLASS DOVE, with engraved signature, 'A. Barbini', 8.5" wide. See illustration.Estimate: 200-400

Lot 19: BARBINI: AN ABSTRACT RED AND YELLOW GLASS VASE, with engraved signature, 'Barbini Murano' and similar label, 13.25" highEstimate: 200-400

Lot 20: BARBINI: AN ABSTRACT BLUE AND WHITE GLASS VASE, with trailed yellow decoration with engraved signature, 'Barbini Murano', and similar label, 7.75" highEstimate: 150-250

Lot 21: BARBINI: AN 'INCALMO' BLUE AND YELLOW GLASS VASE, with engraved signature 'Barbini Murano', and similar label, 11.5" highEstimate: 100-200

Lot 22: BARBINI: A 'SCAVO' BOWL, with engraved signature 'Barbini Murano', and 'Ogetti' label, 10.5" wideEstimate: 100-200

Lot 23: BARBINI: A 'SCAVO' VASE, with engraved signature 'Barbini Murano', 12.5" highEstimate: 200-400

Lot 24: BARBINI: A 'SCAVO' VASE OF ABSTRACT FORM, with engraved signature 'Barbini Murano', 17" highEstimate: 150-250

Lot 25: BARBINI: A 'SCAVO' CYLINDRICAL VASE, with engraved signature 'Barbini Murano', 14.25" highEstimate: 150-250

Lot 26: ATTRIBUTED TO BARBINI: A 'SCAVO' SCULPTURE OF A DOVE, 9.5" highEstimate: 100-200

Lot 27: IN THE MANNER OF BARBINI: A BROAD WAVY-EDGED GILT GLASS BOWL, or centrepiece, 18.25" wideEstimate: 100-200

Lot 28: GIULIANO TOSI: A GLASS SCULPTURE OF A CHINESE MAN with engraved signature and label 'Vetreria Navajero', 16" highEstimate: 200-400

Lot 29: A LARGE VICTORIAN GLASS VASE, with engraved and cut decoration, 9.5" highEstimate: 100-200


Lot 31: A COLLECTION OF SIX CLEAR GLASS DECANTERS, with cut decoration Estimate: 50-100

Lot 32: FIVE ENGRAVED GLASSES, and two decantersEstimate: 50-100

Lot 33: A GERMAN GREEN GLASS VASE, with painted armorial, 14.25" highEstimate: 100-200

Lot 34: TWO EARLY 19TH CENTURY DECANTERS, with painted 'Brandy' and 'Rum' labels, 8" highEstimate: 80-150

Lot 35: A CONTINENTAL CLEAR GLASS BEAKER, with classical decoration, 19th century, 6" highEstimate: 150-250

Lot 36: A WHITEFRIARS GREY 'HOBNAIL' PATTERN VASE, 6.25" Estimate: 100-200

Lot 37: A BOHEMIAN STYLE GREEN AND WHITE OVERLAID DISH, 9.5" wideEstimate: 100-200

Lot 38: SABINO: AN OPALESCENT GLASS VASE, with moulded fish decoration, with engraved signature 'Sabino Paris', 5"Estimate: 200-400

Lot 39: A PAIR OF GEORGE III 'BRISTOL' BLUE DECANTERS, with gilt 'Brandy' and 'Shrub' labels, 9" high (2)Estimate: 100-200

Lot 40: A CAMEO GLASS VASE, with green and lilac floral decoration, with signature 'Galle', 12" highEstimate: 800-1500

Lot 41: A LARGE GLASS BOTTLE, with narrow neck and 'kicked in' base, possibly 18th century, 15" high. See illustration.Estimate: 200-400

Lot 42: A GEORGE III WINE GLASS with flared bowl and turned over foot rim, 6.5"Estimate: 80-150

Lot 43: R. LALIQUE: 'SAINT VINCENT' an amber tinted plafonier, 13.5" dia.Estimate: 800-1500

Lot 44: A PAIR OF GEORGE III SMALL OVOID DECANTERS, and faceted stoppers, topped with diamond and facet bands, 9.25" highEstimate: 100-150






Lot 50: MARTIN BROTHERS: A STONEWARE VASE of rectangular form decorated in relief with figures of musicians against a brown mottled ground, marked to the base "Martin Brothers London Southall 8-1903", 9.25"Estimate: 100-200

Lot 51: DOULTON LAMBETH: A STONEWARE BALUSTER JUG commemorating the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria, stamped "Doulton Lambeth" and numbered 9394, 9" highEstimate: 100-200

Lot 52: DAVID LEACH: A SET OF TEN POTTERY BEAKERS with a mottled celadon glaze, with impressed initials, each 4" high (10)Estimate: 100-200

Lot 53: A PAIR OF RED GLAZE BOTTLE VASES with loop handles, on three tripod feet, possibly French Aesthetic, 7.75" highEstimate: 100-200

Lot 54: A 1950'S CELADON GLAZE SHALLOW DISH with moulded leaping deer decoration in the manner of John Skeeping, 11.25" dia.Estimate: 50-100

Lot 55: CLARICE CLIFF: AN ORIGINAL BIZARRE PATTERN PLATE with geometric coloured pattern, printed Newport and Bizarre marks, 9" dia.Estimate: 80-150

Lot 56: DAVID LEACH: A STONEWARE ORIENTAL STYLE TEAPOT with ribbed decoration and celadon green glaze, with cane handle and impressed mark, 7" dia., and another similar (2)Estimate: 80-160

Lot 57: MANNER OF CHARLES VYSE (1882-1971): A POTTERY VASE incised with Oriental style scrolls against a buff glaze, with metal rim, 6.5" highEstimate: 50-100

Lot 58: HENRY STINTON FOR ROYAL WORCESTER: A PAIR OF OVOID VASES painted with highland cattle, signed, with gilt scroll acanthus leaf feet and pierced gilt necks, printed green mark and numbered "G42", 5.75" high (2). See illustrationEstimate: 500-1000

Lot 59: W. H. GOSS: A DURHAM ABBEY KNOCKER CUP printed with St. Cuthbert's cross on one side and a moulded mask knocker to the other, the loop handles in white glaze, printed mark, 4.75" highEstimate: 200-400

Lot 60: MOORCROFT: A POTTERY VASE decorated with the Hibiscus pattern against a graduated blue ground, impressed mark and painted initial, 10.5" highEstimate: 150-300

Sale Catalogue: Page 1

Lot 1
A collection of golf clubs

Estimate: £10-20

Lot 2
A 19th century stoneware 'Harvesting' jug and another similar

Estimate: £10-20

Lot 3
A mahogany and mother-of-pearl inlaid mantel clock and a pair of similar candlesticks

Estimate: £40-60

Lot 4
A pair of royal blue cloisonne vases and a similar bowl

Estimate: £20-40

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