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14th September 2017

Ceramics, Asian Art, Jewellery, Paintings, Furniture and Works of Art [14th and 15th September] 14th September 2017

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Lot 1: A DERBY PORCELAIN SAUCEBOAT of cabbage leaf form with a looped stem handle and applied with flowers, circa 1765, 7.25" long

Sold For: £150.00

Lot 2: A WORCESTER PORCELAIN SAUCEBOAT of lettuce leaf form with a looped stem handle, painted with scattered flower sprigs and insects, painted marks, circa 1755, 7.5" long

Sold For: £160.00

Lot 3: A CHANTILLY PORCELAIN LOBED DISH painted in polychrome with panels of flowers, on an apple green ground, 18th century, 10" wide

Sold For: £80.00

Lot 4: A COALPORT TYPE CABINET PLATE with a central painted scene of a stately home and figures beside a lake, the border decorated with grand houses and architecture within oval cartouche decorated in gilt, on pink ground, gilt mark, 19th century, 9.5" dia.

Sold For: £70.00

Lot 5: AN ENGLISH PORCELAIN LUSTRE WARE CUP AND SAUCER with transfer printed profile portraits of Queen Caroline and the crest of King George IV "Long Live Queen Caroline", circa 1820, the saucer 5.75" dia.

Unsold (Estimate): £50-100

Lot 6: A PAIR OF ENGLISH PORCELAIN CUPS AND SAUCERS "Great Britain Mourns Her Princess Weeps" commemorating the death of HRH Princess Charlotte, November 6th 1817; a similar bowl; and another cup and saucer "Wellington's Retirn", circa 1820 (7)

Unsold (Estimate): £100-200

Lot 7: A SET OF THREE ENGLISH PORCELAIN CUPS AND SAUCERS "To The Memory of Princess Charlotte"; a similar cream jug and one other cup and saucer, circa 1820 (9)

Sold For: £80.00

Lot 8: A PAIR OF WORCESTER PORCELAIN SOUP BOWLS from "The Celebrated Hope" service ordered by The Duke of Clarence and decorated by John Pennington, the centre painted with a classical maiden emblematic of hope, within an elaborate gilt border on blue ground, blue flight mark, one bowl with old paper label, circa 1790, 9.75" dia. C.F.: For a similar example in the Museum of Royal Worcester Porcelain, Museum no. 1572, and Victoria & Albert Museum for a plate from the service, C. 990-1922.

Sold For: £780.00

Lot 9: A WORCESTER PORCELAIN TRAY, the centre painted with a basket of fruit with flowers, by R. Sebright, signed lower right, within an Adam style gilt border on yellow ground, printed puce mark, 19th century, 10" dia.

Sold For: £190.00

Lot 10: A ROYAL WORCESTER PORCELAIN CABINET CUP AND SAUCER, the cup painted with Highland cattle watering in a mountainous landscape, by Stinton, signed, the saucer painted with four painted scenes in roundels of highland cattle, fruit, a castle and flowers, within a white jewelled and gilt ground, puce marks, circa 1900, the saucer 3.8cm dia.

Sold For: £180.00

Lot 11: A BERLIN PORCELAIN SUCRIER AND COVER polychrome painted with tropical birds, insects, ducks and swans, on a spiral-moulded white ground within gilt borders, underglaze blue and impressed marks, late 19th/early 20th century, 4" high

Sold For: £50.00

Lot 12: A CONTINENTAL PORCELAIN ORNAMENT of a courting couple dancing with a garland of flowers beneath a cupid standing on a column, 19th century, 7.75" high

Sold For: £70.00

Lot 13: A PAIR OF MEISSEN PORCELAIN FIGURES of two young girls holding toys, wearing bonnets and elaborate dresses, polychrome painted with flowers, on rococo bases heightened in gilt, blue cross swords and impressed marks, 19th century, 5.75" high

Sold For: £460.00

Lot 14: A KPM TYPE PORCELAIN PLAQUE painted with a classical female holding a dagger, standing beside a curtain and marble column, indistinctly stamped on verso "Prager Strasse", impressed marks "107 / C", contained in a gilt metal frame surmounted by an empire style eagle with wings outstretched, and a single strut support, 19th century, the porcelain plaque 5.75" x 3.75"

Unsold (Estimate): £200-400

Lot 15: BERNARD MOORE (1850-1935) A miniature flambe vase, signed in monogram to base "BM", 2" high

Unsold (Estimate): £50-100

Lot 16: A MINIATURE TIN-GLAZED POTTERY TWO HANDLED VASE standing on three feet and painted with blue decoration on white ground, 18th century or later, 2.5" high

Sold For: £650.00

Lot 17: A DELFT-WARE TIN GLAZED POTTERY PLATE polychrome painted with bird and flower decoration within blue patterned borders, 18th century, 9.75" dia. and another similar Delft-ware tin-glazed plate decorated in blue with floral decoration, 18th century, 8.75" dia. (2)

Sold For: £110.00

Lot 18: A MAIOLICA FLASK in the form of a book, polychrome painted with a rabbit and a dog running in a landscape, 7.25" high, a Maiolica bowl and other similar Maiolica, 18th/19th century (6)

Sold For: £340.00

Lot 19: A DELFTWARE TIN GLAZED FLOWER BRICK with blue painted floral decoration on white ground, 18th century, 3.5" high x 6.25" wide

Sold For: £380.00

Lot 20: A PAIR OF DELFTWARE TIN-GLAZED TILES painted in blue with a shepherd and shepherdess with sheep, and three other similar Delftware tiles, 18th century (5)

Sold For: £60.00

Lot 21: A SLIPWARE GLAZED POTTERY BOWL decorated with the mask of the green man, 17th/18th century, 8.25" dia.

Sold For: £480.00

Lot 22: A DELFTWARE TIN-GLAZED POTTERY CHARGER painted in blue with floral decoration within a patterned blue border, 18th century, 14" dia.

Lot 23: A LOUIS XV STYLE ORMOLU MOUNTED INKSTAND with two compartments decorated in relief with shells and leaves, the Sevres style porcelain panel painted in polychrome with flower decoration within a gilt scrolling cartouche on blue ground, 19th century, 11" wide

Unsold (Estimate): £300-600

Lot 24: A SET OF 17 SILVER PLATED AND PORCELAIN KNIVES AND FORKS, the continental porcelain handles polychrome painted with flower decoration, 19th century, the knives 8.5" long

Unsold (Estimate): £100-200

Lot 25: A COLLECTION OF TEN VARIOUS SCOTTISH CERAMIC CARPET BOWLS polychrome painted in various designs including tartan style, one plain and one other glass ball, 19th century (11)

Sold For: £180.00

Lot 26: A VICTORIAN CHILD'S MINIATURE CERAMIC PART DINNER SERVICE with transfer printed decoration of a church in wooded landscape. Comprising: tureens, stands, plates and other related items, 19th century, the largest tureen 4" high

Sold For: £70.00

Lot 27: A CHILD'S PORCELAIN PEARLWARE MINIATURE PART TEA SET transfer printed with animals and wildlife within brown bands, and another part child's tea set, early 19th century

Sold For: £120.00

Lot 28: A DELFTWARE TIN GLAZED TOBACCO JAR painted in blue with a floral cartouche "Bergamot", with a brass cover, 18th century, 12.5" high including cover

Sold For: £500.00

Lot 29: A LARGE SUNDERLAND LUSTRE JUG printed and painted with "West view of the Iron Bridge near Sunderland . opened 9th August 1796", and two poems within floral cartouche, 18th century, 8.75" high

Sold For: £280.00

Lot 30: A FRENCH PORCELAIN CHOCOLATE POT with gilt chinoiserie decoration on green ground, with turned fruitwood handle and gilt metal mounts, painted mark, 7.75" high

Sold For: £100.00

Lot 31: A PAIR OF WEDGWOOD CREAMWARE ARMORIAL ICE PAILS with handles modelled as convolvulus flowers issuing from stiff leaves, decorated in puce and highlighted in gilt, each side polychrome painted with the Blake family armorial below a purple and gilt band, impressed marks, early 19th century, 7.75" high x 10" wide (including handles)

Sold For: £220.00

Lot 32: A LARGE WEDGWOOD CREAMWARE TUREEN AND COVER, with stand, ensuite with the previous lot, two sweeping ear-shaped handles, the cover with a flower finial painted with the Blake family armorial, each side within bands of purple and gilt decoration, impressed marks, early 19th century, 12" high x 17.5" wide

Unsold (Estimate): £500-1000

Lot 33: A WORCESTER PORCELAIN POT POURRI and cover with painted Highland cattle in a mountainous landscape, by James Stinton, the painted decoration with gilt borders, the decoration signed and stamped puce marks on base for 1924, 5" high

Sold For: £480.00

Lot 34: A PAIR OF VICTORIAN ROYAL WORCESTER HADLAY PORCELAIN FIGURES of a girl dancing and a boy playing a piccolo, impressed and stamped marks, 9.25" high

Sold For: £90.00

Lot 35: A PEARLWARE TOBY JUG painted in polychrome and modelled as a man holding a tankard of ale, 19th century, 10" high

Sold For: £70.00

Lot 36: A "MOSANIC" GALLE STYLE POTTERY SEATED CAT, the yellow ground with blue heart and dot decoration, with inset glass eyes, painted blue mark, 8.5" high

Sold For: £90.00

Lot 37: A PAIR OF DOCCIA STYLE ITALIAN PORCELAIN VASES of urn form with polychrome painted classical scenes in relief with scroll handles, on pedestal feet, blue mark, 9.5" high

Sold For: £190.00

Lot 38: A MINTON MAJOLICA JUG modelled with figures drinking, smoking and dancing, impressed marks, 19th century, 10.25" high

Unsold (Estimate): £300-500

Lot 39: A PAIR OF DELFTWARE TIN GLAZED VASES painted in blue with a young man serenading a lady with a church in the distance, within a scrolled cartouche, and a pair of similar candlesticks, painted marks, 19th century, 10.5" and 7" high (4)

Sold For: £70.00

Lot 40: A TREACLE GLAZED POTTERY JUG moulded with hunting scenes and mounted with a silver cover with fleur de lis thumbpiece, 19th century, 8" high

Unsold (Estimate): £100-200

Lot 41: A TREACLE GLAZED POTTERY JUG with a moulded mask at the spout and one the handle terminal, circa 1820, 7.5" high

Unsold (Estimate): £50-80

Lot 42: A TREACLE GLAZED POTTERY TEA CANNISTER moulded in relief with floral decoration and mounted with a pewter screw cover, 19th century, 6.5" high, and one other similar, 5.5" high (2)

Sold For: £50.00

Lot 43: A TREACLE GLAZED POTTERY JUG moulded in relief with a hunting scene, 19th century, 7.75" high, and a similar coffee pot and jug (3)

Unsold (Estimate): £80-150

Lot 44: A SLIPWARE POTTERY JUG decorated with a ship at sea with a compass above an inscription "The Hon Coms Ship Bridgwater Register 1,339 tons, April 10th 1830", 10.75" high

Sold For: £440.00

Lot 45: A ROYAL DUX PORCELAIN GROUP of a potter seated painting a vase beside an onlooking maiden, impressed marks, late 19th/early 20th century, 15.75" high

Unsold (Estimate): £100-200

Lot 46: A VIENNA PORCELAIN VASE raised on three legs above a circular pedestal, with ducks in an oval gilt cartouche on blue ground, blue mark, 14.75" high

Sold For: £180.00

Lot 47: A MINTONS CHARGER painted with a young lady and her cat, signed "E Moira.FT.1880", impressed marks, 19th century, 15.75" dia.

Sold For: £90.00

Lot 48: A PAIR OF FRENCH PORCELAIN VASES painted in polychrome and jewelled, with floral decoration, in stylised borders, on blue ground, ormolu mounts with rams head ring handles and plinth bases, 19th century, 11.5" high

Sold For: £440.00

Lot 49: A PAIR OF SEVRES PORCELAIN CACHEPOTS painted with floral wreaths within gilt patterned borders on blue and white ground, all within green leaf and berry borders, painted blue marks, 19th century, 6.25" high

Sold For: £280.00

Lot 50: A PAIR OF PARIS PORCELAIN CANDLESTICKS in the neo-classical Egyptian style, with a figure standing above three leopards, on trefoil bases, glazed in white heightened in gilt and green, 19th century, 13" high (2)

Sold For: £800.00

Lot 51: A PAIR OF CONTINENTAL PORCELAIN ORNAMENTS of tropical birds, painted in colours and standing on naturalistic bases, 19th century, 9" high

Unsold (Estimate): £100-200

Lot 52: A DRESDEN PORCELAIN TEAPOT of globular form, painted in coloured enamels with floral decoration and ormolu mounts with a hinged handle, blue crossed swords marks, overall 10.75" high

Unsold (Estimate): £200-400

Lot 53: A PAIR OF MEISSEN STYLE PORCELAIN PUGS with a puppy, each with pink and gilt collars with blue ribbon, sitting on an oval base with encrusted flowers, 19th century, 6" high

Sold For: £900.00

Lot 54: A CONTINENTAL PORCELAIN GROUP of four naked putti riding animals around an urn raised on a pedestal, encrusted with flowers, painted blue mark, 19th century, 11" high

Sold For: £150.00

Lot 55: A MEISSEN STYLE CONTINENTAL PORCELAIN GROUP of five labourers working around a tree stump, encrusted with leaves and flowers, 19th century, 13.5" high

Unsold (Estimate): £200-400

Lot 56: A SET OF THREE VIENNA PORCELAIN SALTS in the form of seated figures holding a floral encrusted cornucopia, a shell and a sheaf of wheat, on rococo bases heightened in puce, blue marks, 19th century, 6.75" - 7.25" high (3)

Sold For: £240.00

Lot 57: A PAIR OF DERBY PORCELAIN FIGURES of a girl and boy standing beside tree stumps, on a naturalistic ground encrusted with flowers, incised marks, 19th century, 7.25" high

Sold For: £120.00

Lot 58: A PAIR OF CHELSEA STYLE PORCELAIN FIGURES of a young lady and man seated beside a dog and sheep, each sitting on a tree stump encrusted with leaves and flowers, on scrolling rococo bases, impressed marks, 19th century, 7" high

Sold For: £80.00

Lot 59: A PAIR OF GERMAN FRANKENTHAL PORCELAIN FEMALE FIGURES, each standing beside columns, one with an open book, the other wearing a floral encrusted wreath, blue marks, 18th century, 7.75" high

Sold For: £200.00

Lot 60: A CONTINENTAL PORCELAIN GROUP of two semi-clad putti dancing around a tree stump, white glaze with blue mark, 6.5" high

Unsold (Estimate): £50-100

Sale Catalogue: Page 1

Lot 1
A collection of golf clubs

Estimate: £10-20

Lot 2
A 19th century stoneware 'Harvesting' jug and another similar

Estimate: £10-20

Lot 3
A mahogany and mother-of-pearl inlaid mantel clock and a pair of similar candlesticks

Estimate: £40-60

Lot 4
A pair of royal blue cloisonne vases and a similar bowl

Estimate: £20-40

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