From the Classical antiquity of Greece and Rome to the symbolism of Ancient Egypt, objects of antiquity have been avidly collected for centuries and Duke’s have enjoyed consistent success in this field including fine sculpture and relief, bronzes, terracottas, glass and jewellery.

An Egyptian bronze figure of Ptah, robed, holding the Was Sceptre, dark brown and green patination, late period, 8.75" high.
Provenance: Private collection from an English family in Cumbria, England, probably acquired with the rest of the documented collection from Spink during the 1950's/1960's.

Sold for £24,400

An important Roman marble sarcophagus, probably dating from the 2nd century AD and formerly belonging to Sir John Charles Robinson (1824-1913). This magnificent sarcophagus came back to Duke’s nearly exactly 100 years after first being sold by us in September 1903.

Sold for £95,000

An "Archaemenid" gold cup of Janus type, formed as two masks with braided hair and entwined snake ornaments worn at the forehead, possibly 3rd/4th century BC, 137mm high.

Provenance: Acquired by William Sparks (W. Sparks & Sons Iron and Metal Merchants) of Taunton in the 1930's or early 1040's.

Thence by descent to the vendor, his grandson, John Webber, of Wellington, Somerset.

Sold for £59,150


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