Lot 22. 1967 JAGUAR 420

1967 JAGUAR 420 Registration Number: PLF 790E Chassis Number: PLF 3221BW Engine Number: 7F45988 The Jaguar 420 was introduced in 1966 and was designed to be Jaguar's ultimate compact sporting saloon. Developed from the S-type, the 420 adopts a number of Jaguar attributes that make it one of the great cars produced at the Browns Lane factory. It was fitted with the 4.2 XK engine of the E-type and Jaguar's own independent rear suspension system. The 420 also stylistically combined the S-types flattened roof line with an MkX style grille, which resulted in an instantly recognizable classic. This vehicle has a new stainless-steel exhaust system, a recently added master cylinder and an updated remote servo. These alterations are recorded in the service history and allow this Jaguar to perform reliably at the top of its ability.
Unsold (Estimate) £6000-10000 In The Classic Cars and Automobilia - Sale Date 5th September 2019

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