LARGE YAOZHOU 'PEONY-SCROLL' CARVED BOWL, NORTHERN SONG DYNASTY, of gently-rounded form covered in a glassy olive-toned glaze, the interior carved with a fluid design of peony blossom and leafy tendrils, the exterior sparsely decorated with spontaneous lively arced motifs, 24 cm diam

Provenance: Bluett & Sons Ltd., London, 15th February 1985.
Exhibited: Iron in the Fire, Ashmolean Museum 1988, no.21. Oriental Green Wares, Oriental Ceramic Society / British Museum, 1997, no.71. The World in Monochromes, Oriental Ceramic Society Exhibition 2009, no.30.
Literature: M. Medley in the Fifth Hills Gold Medal Lecture, 24th May 1988, Transactions of the Oriental Ceramics Society (1987-88 vol. 52) plate A and page 67
Note: this bowl is unusually large when compared with other examples from within the group of related Yaozhou bowls, which are normally around 20cm diameter. For similar bowls of the standard size see The Complete Collection of Treasures from the Palace Museum: Porcelain of the Song Dynasty, Hong Kong, 1996, p.133, no.119; and Chinese Ceramics from the Meiyintang Collection, Vol.I, by Regina Krahl, London 1994, no.431. For comparable example see - a large bowl from the Feng Wen Tang Collection sold by Bonhams Hong Kong, 9th October 2014, lot 110; and a standard-sized example sold by Bonhams London, 16th May 2013, lot 6.
Sold For £11000.00 In The Asian Art - Including the Anthony du Boulay Collection - Sale Date 11th November 2019

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