Lot 153. JOHN RAPHAEL SMITH (1752-1812) Portrait of Richard Dagley (1765-1841), old

JOHN RAPHAEL SMITH (1752-1812) Portrait of Richard Dagley (1765-1841), old label describing details of the sitter verso, with old inscription to the back board and printed stock number, pastel, 9.5" x 8". See illustration. Richard Dagley became a genre painter after being apprenticed to Thomas Cousen, a jeweller and watchmaker, where he worked enamelling intricate scenes on the backs of watches and jewellery. Between 1805 and 1815 it is recorded that he was working as a drawing master in a ladies school in Doncaster. It is at this time that this portrait of him could have been executed by Smith who was also working in Doncaster. Similar pastel portraits by John Rafael Smith survive in the National Portrait Gallery. Provenance: Acquired from Gordon Bennett Antiques, Dorchester 1999. Private collection, Dorchester.
Sold For £750.00 In The Paintings and Furniture - Sale Date 17th September 2015

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