Lot 1150. T.E. LAWRENCE: A letter to 'H.W' (probably Henry Williamson)

T.E. LAWRENCE: A letter to "H.W" (probably Henry Williamson) "They have posted me to Plymouth so if ever the frost breaks (brrr. ughhhh) . it will be comic, our meeting: I am icy cold, and very English, and correct. Sober as Judges used to be. However, all the more reason for meeting a wild man. At least your reputation won't scare me off A bas all the hawthorndens. Hawthorn forsooth! Den forsooth!", the letter is signed "TE Shaw". Williamson was an army officer, writer and naturalist, winner of the Hawthornden Prize in 1928 for his novel "Tarka The Otter" around which he and Lawrence struck up a friendship. The letter is dated 22/2/29.
Sold For £1000.00 In The Ceramics, Asian Art, Jewellery, Paintings, Furniture and Works of Art [14th and 15th September] - Sale Date 14th September 2017

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