Encompassing a wide variety of items, form taxidermy to memorabilia, collectables are a fascinating and popular area of the market. Duke’s are able to handle items ranging from large collections, such as the Brading Experience sale of 2010, in which the collection of a museum on the Isle of Wight was sold for over £270,000 to single items of curiosity. For more information or expert advice, please contact the department.

A rare 1973 ‘brown head’ Rupert Daily Express annual, in pristine condition, unclipped and without dedication together with a 1973 white head Annual showing Bestall's signature erased and two loose 1973 brown head Annual printers proof covers

Sold for £27,025

A Dunhill ‘Aquarium’ lighter, the oval base with re-entrant corners decorated with pink fish in an underwater landscape, inscribed "Dunhill Lighter", 4".
Sold for £1,345

Calvert of 189 Fleet Street: A chess set comprising a folding rosewood and ivory chessboard with internal leather backgammon surface, stamped "Calvert 189 Fleet Street", with an ivory red-stained and natural chess set, the two white rooks stamped "Calvert 189 Fleet Street", the box similarly stamped, a similar draught set and two leather dice shakers, the board 18" wide.

Sold for £9,150


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