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Cadbury's golden egg goes at auction in Dorchester

This amazing egg, one of only twelve ever made for a competition run by Cadbury’s in 1983 called “Conundrum the Cadbury’s Cream Egg Mystery”  accompany this competition Cadbury’s produce a book written by Don Shaw and illustrated by Nick Price.
The Solution – “somewhere in the British Isles twelve caskets lie beneath the ground, in each a scroll of ribbon round. Upon each scroll to you is told that you shall own an egg of gold. If you carefully read this book, it will tell you where to look” 
The present owners who read the clues in the book decided to set out and join the search for one of these exquisite 22carat gold and enamel eggs, which were created by Gerrard’s the Crown jewellers.
What a day it must have been after hours of searching to discover one on the Somerset / Dorset border.
The egg is accompanied with its original perpex casket, and wooden “Conundrum” box which still holds the “congratulations” certificate a photograph of the farm sign where it was found under, and a copy of “Conundrum The Cadbury’s cream egg mystery book”
Deborah Doyle auctioneer at Duke’s commented “the egg and all its original pieces beat its pre-sale estimate of £7000 -8000 to sell for £8,125. It’s an incredible local story, apparently at the time the competition ran hunters went wild to find an egg and even dug up several cricket pitches!!
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Dukes Auctioneers: 30th Nov 2018 12:54:00