Tribal Art and Ethnographica Department

With international demand growing for tribal art and ethographica, Duke’s can offer strong results in this fascinating and historically important field. With items ranging from highly prized sculptures and masks from sub-Saharan Africa, the indigenous woodcraft and arts of Polynesia, Melanesia, Indonesia and Australia to the arts and crafts of the First Nations of North America, Duke’s specialist can provide vendors and purchasers with confident and competent assistance. For further information please contact the department.

A Fijian 'cannibal’ fork and similar ladle, carved and stained, the fork 11.5", the ladle 13". Collected by Captain John Proctor Luce (1827-1869) Captain of HMS Esk during a visit to Fiji. In a cardboard box inscribed to the lid 'Cannibal fork, has been used, brought home from Fiji, 1857 by Capt J.P.Luce H.M.S. Esk.

Provenance: The family of Captain John Proctor Luce, the vendors Great-Grandfather.

Sold for £9,150

A North West Pacific Totem Pole, carved with a beaver, a bear and a whale surmounted by an eagle with outspread wings, late 19th/early 20th century, 79.5" high

Provenance: Probably acquired by the grandfather of the vendor, John Allen Hughes (born 1887), a wealthy entrepreneur and collector, who travelled extensively in Canada and the USA during the 1920's.

Sold for £23,180

A Tongan club, with a flattened paddle-shaped blade and square section shaft, all-over carved in low relief with triangular and geometric decoration, probably 19th century, 29" long.

Sold for £2,390


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