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16th April 2015

Paintings & Drawings, Furniture & Works of Art Sale 16th April 2015

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Paintings & Drawings, Furniture & Works of Art Sale

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Lot 1: AFTER REMBRANDT VAN RIJN (1606-1669) A self-portrait with a drawn sabre, printed signature and dated 1634 within the image, possibly an early 20th century Armand Durand (1831-1905) duplicate, the paper with Arches watermark, etching, 5.75" x 4.75" (plate). See illustrationEstimate: 100-200

Lot 2: AFTER JOANNES GIOVANNI ORLANDIS, 16th/17th century "Roma Claudis Duchetti Sequani Q Antony Lafreri Nepotis Formis", C.Cortfe., titled with details to the margin, engravers name within the image, engraving, 13.75" x 7.5" (plate)Estimate: 50-100

Lot 3: AFTER ALBERTO FONTANA, 16th century Engraved by either Giambattista Fontana, (16th century), or Girolamo Fagiuoli, (16th century), Warriors in battle dress preparing the horses, printed name "A. Fontana. Bleo. Bol", and with a reverse FG monogram, later annotations in pencil to the margin, engraving, 9.5" x 9.5" (plate). See illustrationEstimate: 150-300

Lot 4: AFTER JEAN BAPTISTE SIMEON CHARDIN (1699-1779) Engraved by Charles Nicholas Cochin (1715-1790) "Le Garcon Cabartier (The Tavern Boy)", engraving, 9.5" x 8" (trimmed)Estimate: 100-200

Unsold (Estimate): £80.00

Lot 5: AFTER WILLIAM HOGARTH (1697-1764) Engraved by T. Cook "Harlot's Progress", titled with publishing details for GMG and J. Robinson, Paternoster Road, June 1st, 1798 to the margin, plates 1-6, engravings, 13.75" x 16.5" (6)Estimate: 200-400

Lot 6: AFTER WILLIAM HOGARTH (1697-1764) "Before", invented, engraved and published December 15th 1736 by William Hogarth to the margin, engravings, 15.25" x 12.75", and the companion engraving "After" (2)Estimate: 150-250

Lot 7: DEAN WOLSTENHOLME (1757-1837) "The Essex Hunt" with printed title and publishing details for May 1st 1831 to the margin, hand coloured mezzotint, 22.25" x 28.5", and the companions (4). See illustrationEstimate: 100-200

Unsold (Estimate): £90.00

Lot 8: AFTER J. BARROW, 19th century, engraved by George Maile "Windsor Castle" - a woman playing a pianoforte with Windsor Castle in the background, titled with publishing details for June 1st 1821, by J. Barrow to the margin, stipple engraving with hand colouring, 13" x 9.5" (plate), with the original gilt gesso frame and glass Estimate: 50-100

Lot 9: AFTER JOHN GOULD (1804-1881) AND HENRY CONSTANTINE RICHTER (1804-1881) "Cacatua Sanguinea", impression by C. Hullmandel, titled with publishing details within the image, lithograph, 20.5" x 14", and the companion "Calypto Rhynchus Basksil" (2)Estimate: 100-200

Unsold (Estimate): £100.00

Lot 10: WILLIAM LIONEL WYLLIE (1851-1931) "Fishermen bringing in the catch", signed to the margin in pencil, etching, 7.75" x 10". See illustrationEstimate: 150-250

Unsold (Estimate): £140.00

Lot 11: WILLIAM LIONEL WYLLIE (1851-1931) "Waterloo Bridge", signed in pencil to the margin with old Wright & Son label verso, etching, 6" x 8.25" (plate)Estimate: 100-200

Unsold (Estimate): £260.00

Lot 12: WILLIAM LIONEL WYLLIE (1851-1931) "Yachting" with a harbour fort in the background, signed in pencil to the margin, etching, 6.25" x 14.75" (plate) and the companion view (2)Estimate: 150-300

Lot 13: •TOM CARR (1912-1977) "Gone to Ground", printed signature within the image, titled, signed and numbered 5/75 in pencil to the margin, hand-coloured etching 9.75" x 15", and another similar work (2)Estimate: 100-200

Unsold (Estimate): £140.00

Lot 14: JOHN LUCK, early 20th century "Don't move there we shall clear you!", printed signature and title to the mount, hand-coloured lithograph, 15.25" x 23.25" (image only)Estimate: 80-150

Unsold (Estimate): £70.00

Lot 15: AFTER FOUGASSE (1887-1965) "A Corrective for Golf Nerves", lithograph with hand-colouring, circa 1921, 9.5" x 7"Estimate: 80-150

Lot 16: •LOUIS RAEMAEKERS (1869-1956) A collection of loose leaf monochrome lithograph depicting a series of political cartoons developed by Murray Allison and Sir Henry Du Cros, directed at securing support of the American public for the British war effort during the First World War, each sheet c.15.75" x 12" (a lot)Estimate: 80-150

Lot 17: •STEFAN MROZEWSKI (1894-1975) "Delft", titled, signed and dated 1933, woodblock engraving, 9.5" x 13" and another by the same artist entitled "Kock" (2)Estimate: 200-400

Lot 18: •STEFAN MROZEWSKI (1894-1975) "Tower Bridge", titled, signed and dated 1935 and numbered 7 of 9, woodblock engraving, 14" x 16". See illustrationEstimate: 100-200

Lot 19: REINAGLE SENIOR R.A. "The Queen Flower", printed title to the margin, hand-coloured etching, 19.25" x 14.5"Estimate: 50-100

Unsold (Estimate): £60.00

Lot 20: •BERYL COOKE (1926-2008) "Bryant Park", titled, signed and numbered 266 of 300 in pencil to the margin, coloured serigraph on paper, 94.25" x 29", and another similar "Poetry Reading" (2) See illustrationEstimate: 150-300

Lot 21: EUGENE CARRIER (1849-1906) "Maternite-Grande Planche", printed signature within the image, lithograph in umber, ochre and white (printed from three stones), Delteil 38, 16.5" x 13.25"Provenance: Christopher Drake Gallery, November 1980. The collection of the late Siva Swaminathan, (later Brendan Garry Nathan)Estimate: 200-400

Unsold (Estimate): £130.00

Lot 22: PETER MUNRO, 20th century "Old Head 16th", printed signature within the image, further signed in pencil, titled and numbered 155 of 600 to the margin, with printed vignette to the remarque, coloured print, 19" x 21"Estimate: 50-100

Lot 23: JOHN MIDGLEY, 20th century "Berkeley Musicians/La Trees", titled, signed and numbered 10 of 40 to the margin, coloured lithograph, 19.25" x 13.25"Estimate: 50-100

Lot 24: DI LI FENG (Chinese 1958) "Mountains and Rivers" - a study of three Chinese women, signed and numbered 46/195 in white crayon, coloured print, 26.75" x 23.75"Estimate: 200-400

Lot 25: •LIN JAMMET (b. 1958) "The Golden Horse", signed, dated '95 and numbered 44/50 in pencil to the margin, with publishers blind stamp lower right, aquatint, 44" x 36" (page). See illustrationEstimate: 300-600

Unsold (Estimate): £250.00

Lot 26: •BERYL COOK (1926-2008) "Lunchtime Refreshment", printed signature within the image, further signed in pencil to the margin with printed title and publishing details for the Alexander Gallery, Bristol to the margin, coloured print, 25.5" x 29.5"Estimate: 100-200

Lot 27: ANDY WARHOL (1928-1987) "Campbells Soup Can (Tomato)", 1966, published by The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, by Guild Paper Products Company on the occasion of a Warhol exhibition in October and November 1966, screen print in colours on a paper shopping bag, 19.5" x 17". See illustrationEstimate: 1000-2000

Unsold (Estimate): £900.00

Lot 28: AFTER PABLO PICASSO (1881-1973) Vollard suite, 1956, printed signature and numbering within the image, black linear lithograph, 8" x 10.75"Estimate: 80-150

Lot 29: AFTER ERIC RAVILIOUS (1903-1942) A study of a windmill, woodblock, 1.5" x 1.5", and two similar building studies by Ravilious (3)Estimate: 180-250

Unsold (Estimate): £200.00

Lot 30: ERIC GILL (1882-1940) "The Ship, 1929", woodblock engraving, 2.5" x 3.25" and another "Five Stalks", 1929", (2)Estimate: 100-200

Unsold (Estimate): £100.00

Lot 31: AFTER ANNIBALE CARRACCI (1560-1609) Study of a wind blown tree, printed signature within the image labelled "C Sculp", woodcut engraving, 15.5" x 10.25"Estimate: 80-150

Lot 32: AFTER THOMAS ROWLANDSON (1756-1827) "Dr. Syntax: At Covent Garden", hand-coloured etching, 3.75" x 6". Estimate: 80-120

Unsold (Estimate): £80.00

Lot 34: •PHILLIP TOWNSEND A photograph of The Rolling Stones, their first photo shoot at Chelsea Harbour, ink signature lower right, artist proof and numbered 3/5 to the margin, black and white photograph, 17" x 16". See illustrationAccompanying this lot is the original Phillip Townsend "The Limited Editions" book with inscription "To Karen and Emily, all best wishes, thanks for buying a print, with thanks again, Phillip Townsend 2009"Estimate: 200-400

Lot 35: AFTER HENRI MATISSE (1869-1954) "Femme a l'Amphore Verve", blue lithograph, 10.25" x 14". See illustrationEstimate: 300-600

Lot 36: AFTER HENRI MATISSE (1869-1954) "Blue Nude", printed signature and dated '52 within the image, verve lithograph, 14" x 10.5". See illustrationEstimate: 200-400

Lot 37: •J. STEVEN DEWS "Brynhild racing off caves", printed signature within image, further signed in pencil and numbered artists proof 5/6, with printed title to margin, with publishers blind stamp, coloured print, 20" x 29", and two others (3)Estimate: 200-400

Unsold (Estimate): £200.00

Lot 40: HÜGELGEM, German School, 19th century Portrait of Christopher Martin Wieland (1733-1813), signed lower right and titled to the margin, watercolour, 7" x 5.75".Christopher Martin Wieland was a German poet and romance writer.Estimate: 80-150

Unsold (Estimate): £80.00

Lot 41: JAMES SEYMOURE (1702-1752) Study of a tacked-up horse and groom, initialled lower left and dated 1747, old family provenance label, and label for Exhibition of Treasures of Art of the West Country 1937 verso, pencil sketch, 11" x 16.5"Estimate: 150-300

Unsold (Estimate): £500.00

Lot 42: No Lot

Lot 43: ATTRIBUTED TO GEORGE ARTHUR FRIPP (1813-1896) "On the borders of Wales, Shropshire", unsigned but with Walker's Galleries label verso, watercolour over traces of pencil, 10.5" x 13.5"Estimate: 150-300

Unsold (Estimate): £120.00

Lot 44: ENGLISH SCHOOL, early 19th century A portrait study of a young boy wearing a ruffed collar and buttoned jacket , with steps and foliage in the background, circa 1820, possibly a portrait of Lewis Burnand, ownership inscription and dated 1819 verso, watercolour en grisaille and charcoal heightened with white on buff paper, 7.25" x 6.5". See illustrationEstimate: 800-1500

Lot 45: WILLIAM CRUICKSHANK (1848-1922) A study of a birds nest with blue eggs and a white and blue flower surround, signed, watercolour, oval, 4" x 5"Estimate: 200-400

Lot 46: IN THE MANNER OF RICHARD WILSON RA (1714-1782) A view of Bothwell Castle, initialled R.W. with old inscription verso, watercolour, 5" x 6", in the original gilt gesso frameEstimate: 200-400

Lot 47: JAMES AUMONIER (1832-1911) "Sheep washing, Bridge Marsh'", signed lower left, titled to the mount, watercolour, 6.75" x 15.25". See illustrationEstimate: 300-600

Lot 48: ENGLISH SCHOOL, 19th century A study of a young woman taking care over a sailor arranging his pipe, indistinctly signed and titled verso, watercolour, 16.5" x 14.25". See illustrationProvenance: Private collection, Dorset.Estimate: 150-300

Unsold (Estimate): £480.00

Lot 49: COLONIAL SCHOOL, 19th century A mountainous landscape with a lake and canoe, probably a view of The Pitons, St. Lucia, watercolour, 10.5" x 16.75". See illustrationEstimate: 300-600

Lot 50: No Lot

Lot 51: PAUL SANDBY (1725-1809) A castle on a river, apparently unsigned, old provenance label verso, watercolour, 4.25" x 7"Estimate: 200-400

Lot 52: CIRCLE OF DAVID COX SENIOR (1783-1859) A boy carrying a basket riding a grey horse bareback through a heathland towards a town, watercolour, 17.5" x 21.5". See illustrationEstimate: 200-400

Unsold (Estimate): £180.00

Lot 53: L. GOODWIN, 19th/20th century "Evening on the Thames", signed lower right, printed title and artist's name to the mount, watercolour, 8.5" x 10.75"Estimate: 100-200

Unsold (Estimate): £90.00

Lot 54: ARTHUR TUCKER (1864-1929) "Eskdale, Cumberland", signed lower left, titled with artist's address verso, 23.5" x 39". See illustrationEstimate: 250-500

Unsold (Estimate): £220.00

Lot 55: FOLLOWER OF JOHN VARLEY (1778-1842) A sailboat at dusk with a church silhouette beyond, watercolour, 5.25" x 9.5". Provenance: The Estate of the Late Siva Swaminathan (later Brendan Garry Nathan).Estimate: 50-100

Unsold (Estimate): £260.00

Lot 56: JOHN WYKEHAM ARCHER (1808-1864) "Sleeping Pigs at Cottlestone", signed and titled in pencil to the undermount, Cannon Gallery label verso, watercolour over traces of pencil, 10.5" x 11.75"Estimate: 100-200

Lot 57: No Lot


Lot 60: No Lot

Lot 61: GERMAN GROBE (1857-1938) "Unloading a vessel on a beach", signed lower right, Manner Gallery label verso, watercolour and gouache heightened with white, 10.25" x 7.75"Estimate: 200-400

Lot 62: IN THE MANNER OF EVERET TAUBE, 19th century A side profile portrait of a pre-Raphaelite woman with flowing auburn hair and a winged outline, initialled in iron red "ET" lower right, watercolour, 9" x 9.25"Estimate: 100-200

Unsold (Estimate): £90.00

Lot 63: Spare lot

Lot 64: AMERICAN SCHOOL, 19th century "St. Marys of the Woods", decorated title to the margin, watercolour en grisaille, 26.25" x 98.75"???. See illustrationSt. Mary's of the Woods was a private Roman Catholic college for women located in Indiana, USA. It was founded in 1840 and it is believed this study of the school building dates to circa 1860. Estimate: 150-300

Sale Catalogue: Page 1

Lot 1
A collection of golf clubs

Estimate: £10-20

Lot 2
A 19th century stoneware 'Harvesting' jug and another similar

Estimate: £10-20

Lot 3
A mahogany and mother-of-pearl inlaid mantel clock and a pair of similar candlesticks

Estimate: £40-60

Lot 4
A pair of royal blue cloisonne vases and a similar bowl

Estimate: £20-40

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