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18th November 2016

Asian Art 18th November 2016

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Lot 286: A SOUTH EAST ASIAN CARVED WOOD DIVINATION PLAQUE, probably 19th century, carved with zoomorphic motifs, the eight trigrams, equestrian figures, with short handle to one end, 46.8cm long

Sold For: £70.00

Lot 287: A KASHMIRI LACQUER POETIC EWER, the body painted with lovers in a landscape and inscribed with a verse from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, the base with a label "Jaffer Ali artist Hassanabad", 15.5" high

Unsold (Estimate): £500-1000

Lot 288: A JAPANESE CARVED WALRUS IVORY AND SHIBAYAMA INLAID EROTIC OKIMONO, circa 1910, the front and reverse inlaid with eight diverse insects, the interior with an amorous couple, 4.3cm dia.

Unsold (Estimate): £400-600

Lot 289: A CHINESE CARVED IVORY FIGURE OF GUANYIN, Qing Dynasty, 19th century, standing holding a basket of flowers and a ruyi sceptre, 22cm high, on a carved hardwood lotus and bud stand, 24cm high overall

Sold For: £1500.00

Lot 290: A JAPANESE CARVED IVORY BOX AND COVER as Buddhai, Meiji period (1868-1912), the corpulent deity crouching over a sack, 4cm high x 6.3cm wide, and a Japanese carved ivory okimono of Guanyin, circa 1900-1910, standing holding a fish in a basket, with engraved robes rubbed with coloured pigments, two character incised mark on inset mother of pearl kakihan, 14.8cm high (2)

Sold For: £200.00

Lot 291: A CHINESE CARVED IVORY TUSK SECTION, Republic Period, circa 1930, in graduated high relief with a continuous battle scene depicting warriors and figures on horseback near city walls, amongst trees, with basal floral band, 32.5cm high x 16cm dia. (across widest end), with associated stained wood circular stand (modern)

Unsold (Estimate): £2000-3000

Lot 292: A CHINESE CARVED IVORY FONDLING PIECE, Qing Dynasty, probably 18th century, accurately carved as a small section of flowering prunus, bark and branches, 3.7cm high; a Chinese jade tubular toggle in archaistic Han style, fashioned as a pig, 4.1cm long; and a Chinese cinnabar lacquer lidded box, early 20th century, carved with peonies in high relief, 7.4cm dia.(3)

Sold For: £150.00

Lot 293: A CANTONESE LACQUER AND PAINTED FAN, Qing Dynasty, the chicken skin leaf painted on one side with figures gathered outside a shop, flanked by musicians, the reverse with all spray, the black lacquered sticks and guards inlaid with mother of pearl and painted with phoenix and dragon, the guards 25cm long. Provenance: Private collection, Knightsbridge

Unsold (Estimate): £500-1000

Lot 294: A CANTONESE CARVED IVORY AND PAINTED PAPER LEAF FAN, Qing Dynasty, one side painted with a huge vase in a garden landscape, the reverse with floral sprays, the guards and sticks pierced with figural and brocaded motifs, the guards 25.5cm. Provenance: Private collection, Knightsbridge

Unsold (Estimate): £800-1500

Lot 295: A CANTONESE CARVED IVORY AND "THOUSAND FACES" LEAF BRISEE FAN, Qing Dynasty, the leaf decorated on both sides with large numbers of Manchu court figures in interiors, on a leaf trimmed with ostrich feathers, with painted ivory faces, the guards with floral and figurative detain, flat sticks similarly detailed, the sticks 28cm long, contained with a perspex display case, with original back and gilt lacquered box, with label of "Hoaching Dealer in ivory ware, tortoiseshell, mother of pearl, sandalwood. Canton", 34.5cm long Provenance: Private collection, Knightsbridge

Unsold (Estimate): £1000-2000

Lot 296: A CANTONESE GOLD LACQUER PAINTED AND "THOUSAND FACE" FAN, Qing Dynasty, each side of the leaf decorated with numerous Manchu figures, some on horseback, with applied ivory faces, with black lacquer sticks and guards decorated in tones of gilt with similar scenes, the guards 28cm long. Accompanied with original black and gilt lacquered case, 35cm long. Provenance: Private collection, Knightsbridge

Unsold (Estimate): £1000-2000

Lot 297: A CANTONESE RED LACQUER AND PAINTED CHICKEN SKIN FAN, Qing Dynasty, a leaf painted on one side with numerous ladies playing instruments and by a screen flanked by river scenes, the other with two heavenly maidens, the sticks and guards gilded with floral detail, the guards 26.5cm long Provenance: Private collection, Knightsbridge

Unsold (Estimate): £800-1500

Lot 298: A CANTONESE LACQUER AND PAINTED FAN, Qing Dynasty, the leaf with painted silk classical scene to one side, the paper reverse with vertical rows of calligraphy, with black lacquered sticks and guards, with landscape and diaper patterns, the guards 29.5cm long. Provenance: Private collection, Knightsbridge

Unsold (Estimate): £800-1500

Lot 299: AN FRANCO-CHINESE IVORY AND PAINTED FAN, Qing Dynasty, the paper leaf painted in chinoiserie style with three maidens by a flock of sheep, the reverse with a prunus sprig, ivory guards and sticks carved with figural and floral detail, the guards 28.5cm long Provenance: Private collection, Knightsbridge

Unsold (Estimate): £500-1000

Lot 300: A CHINESE FILIGREE AND ENAMEL BRISEE FAN, Qing Dynasty, early 19th century, each side enamelled with a central shield-shaped cartouche enclosing a lakeland landscape with pavilions, flanked by scrolls and flowers, the border with repeat sprigs, all against a fine filigree scroll ground, the guards 19cm long.

Sold For: £2200.00

Lot 301: THREE CANTONESE CARVED AND PIERCED IVORY BRISEE FANS, Qing Dynasty, late 18th century, each with blind carved decorative guards, 26.5cm, 25cm and 14.7cm long respectively. Provenance: Private Collection, Knightsbridge

Sold For: £2800.00

Lot 301A: A CANTONESE IVORY BRISEE FAN, Qing Dynasty, circa 1800, carved and pierced with a central shield cartouche enclosing initials within foliage and pagoda cartouches, the guards 19.2cm long

Unsold (Estimate): £200-400

Lot 302: A CHINESE EMBROIDERED SILK AND APPLIQUE FAN CASE, late Qing Dynasty, of tapered form decorated on both sides with peony flowers, glass (imitating rose quartz) beads to the suspension cord, 30cm long, and a Japanese gold and black lacquered fan, late Meiji period (1868-1912), the black silk leaf enriched with grasses, flowers and coloured silks and gilt-wrapped threads, the guards with cranes and bamboo. The guards 30.5cm long. (2)

Sold For: £200.00

Lot 303: A PAIR OF CHINESE PAINTED FACE SCREENS, each oval face painted with two maidens in woodland settings, within bone frames and plain bone handles, 40.5cm high (2)

Sold For: £2200.00

Lot 304: TWO CHINESE KESI KOSSU CUT-SILK TAPESTRY RANK BADGES, Qing Dynasty, late 19th century, one showing a pheasant (5th rank) and the other a white egret (6th rank), 21cm x 23cm, and 19cm x 21cm, framed and glazed; and a silk embroidered example , late Qing, depicting a silver pheasant, 28cm x 29.5cm (3) Provenance: Private Collection, Knightsbridge

Unsold (Estimate): £300-600

Lot 305: A CHINESE CHILD'S COURT ROBE, Qing Dynasty, circa 1875-1900, worked in coloured silks on a brown ground, the front and back with three sky dragons, a pair of further sky dragons to the shoulders, and a dragon to each embroidered sleeve end, enriched in gilt thread, 75cm long x 115cm across the sleeves, and a red silk informal jacket, late Qing Dynasty, with silk embroidered borders enriched with crane roundels, 60cm long (2)

Sold For: £1200.00

Lot 306: A CHINESE MANCHU WOMAN'S IVORY SILK ROBE, "Changyi" late Qing Dynasty c.1900, embroidered with roundels enriched with dragons, bats, butterflies and diverse flowers, the silk cuffs with figurative garden decoration, with outer blue silk floral border of peonies and butterflies

Sold For: £400.00

Lot 307: CIRCLE OF GEORGE CHINNERY (1774-1852) European sailing ships and row-boats, possibly on the Bocca Tigris, ink and watercolour on paper, oval, 38cm x 45.5cm

Sold For: £320.00

Lot 308: WU CHANSHOU (1844-1927) "Hanging Gourds" inscribed and with two seals, ink and colours on paper, 28.5cm x 44cm. Wu Chang Shou was born in Anji, Zhejiang Province. He was leader of the Shanghai Painting School, and the first President of the Xiling Seal Club. The artist is regarded as the most influential and representative artist during the late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) and early Republic of China (1912-1949)

Unsold (Estimate): £5000-10000

Lot 309: ITO SHINSUI (1898-1972) A Geisha girl applying her make up, signed "Shinsui Ga" (painted by Shinsui), dated January of Showa 3 (1928), publisher/printer's mark "Watanabe", woodblock print in colours, 26.5cm x 38cm. Provenance: Acquired by vendor's mother in law Lady Peake in Japan during the 1920's

Sold For: £3500.00

Lot 310: A LARGE FRAGMENT OF HEBREW TEXT on parchment, in double sided perspex frame, maximum dimensions 52cm x 94cm

Unsold (Estimate): £300-600

Lot 311: YONGMUNSEN (1896-1962) Trees in a landscape with a lake to the foreground, watercolour, signed and dated 1948 lower left, 11.25" x 15.25" (unframed)

Unsold (Estimate): £300-600

Lot 312: YONGMUNSEN (1896-1962) A tree with yellow leaves in a landscape, watercolour, signed lower right and dated 1949, 15" x 22" (unframed)

Unsold (Estimate): £300-600

Lot 313: SAWASDI TANTISUK (1925-2009) Thai buildings (probably Bangkok) viewed across a river, watercolour, signed and dated 1941 lower right, 12" x 16.75"

Sold For: £440.00

Lot 314: SAWASDI TANTISUK (1925-2009) An abstract composition, watercolour, 12" x 9"

Sold For: £280.00

Lot 315: SAWASDI TANTISUK (1925-2009) Sailboats in a harbour with multi-coloured sails, oil on canvas, signed to the reverse, 19.75" x 23.5"

Sold For: £3500.00

Lot 316: CHINESE SCHOOL, 18th/19th century A painted hanging scroll in a case, depicting a Jesuit Missionary Station, with four figures in and around a courtyard with a small dog, another figure looking down from a tower, 140cm x 95cm, opaque watercolours on silk, upon a woven laid silk borders, solid hardwood roller, overall 217cm x 114.5cm

Unsold (Estimate): £2000-4000

Lot 317: TINGQUA OR STUDIO, circa 1850 The Praya Grande from the North, Macau, with numerous trading vessels and figures, oils on canvas, 31.5cm x 54.5cm, in a European gilt and gesso period frame.

Lot 318: "CHINOISERIES": AN ALBUM OF TWENTY FOUR CHINESE EROTIC PAINTINGS ON SILK, late Qing Dynasty, mainly concerning a young couple in well-detailed interiors, each 19.5cm x 15cm, each laid onto card within sky blue silk border, contained in gilt tooled full leather binding, with binders mark "M" for Michael Barast Rel, 32.5cm x 28cm, and titled on the decorated spine "Chinoiseries". Provenance: Private collection, Knightsbridge

Unsold (Estimate): £5000-10000

Lot 319: JAPANESE SCHOOL, late 19th century A scroll depicting an extensive lakeland landscape with trees, signed and with two red seal marks, 43cm x 168cm, and another floral example (2)

Unsold (Estimate): £150-300

Lot 320: LI XIONG CAI (1910-2001) Fishing vessel in deep gorge, watercolour on paper laid to silk, inner painting 143cm x 76cm, as a whole 218cm x 89cm. Li Xiong Cai was born in Gaoyeo or Guangdong Province. He received a basic training in art from his father. From 1935 he held various posts in the Guangzhou Art Institute, the Guangzhou Academy and the National Art Academy in Chonqing. He held a number of one-man exhibitions, including one in Hong Kong in 1982 - he produced many huge paintings from a few metres to over ten metres long.

Sold For: £26000.00

Lot 321: CHINESE SCHOOL, Qing Dynasty Three circular florally painted fan leaves, depicting peonies and other flowers flanked by descriptions, each with red seal mark, watercolours on silk, 25.3cm dia. Provenance: Private Collection, Knightsbridge

Sold For: £2600.00

Lot 322: ZHU MEICUN (1911-1993) A girl holding peacock feather fan in a garden with butterflies, flowers and a cat in the foreground, inscribed with six characters, two red seal marks, ink and colours on paper, 70cm x 29cm Provenance: Private collection, Knightsbridge

Sold For: £9000.00

Lot 323: CHINESE SCHOOL, Qing Dynasty, Five maidens, fourteen boys and Pekinese dogs in a garden landscape with "fantastic" rocks and trees beside a balcony, ink and colour on paper, 59cm x 118cm Provenance: Private collection, Knightsbridge

Unsold (Estimate): £4000-6000

Lot 324: CHINESE SCHOOL, early Qing Dynasty, Eight ladies in a landscape near a balcony, collecting offerings and gifts to deer and fo dog, a black crane in flight above, ink and colours on silk, 140cm x 79cm, framed and glazed Provenance: Private collection, Knightsbridge

Sold For: £22000.00

Lot 325: CHINESE SCHOOL, Qing Dynasty, early 19th century, A wedding ceremony with a couple and attendants/musicians around an altar with offerings, watercolours and gouache on paper, 33.5cm x 44cm. Provenance: Sir James B. Urmston Collection. Martyn Gregory Summer Exhibition 1983 no.72 Provenance: Private collection, Knightsbridge

Unsold (Estimate): £3000-5000

Lot 326: CHINESE SCHOOL, 19th century A figure kneeling before a Mandarin couple and attendants, gouache on pith paper, 19cm x 31cm Provenance: Private collection, Knightsbridge

Unsold (Estimate): £500-1000

Lot 327: CHINESE SCHOOL Maidens in spring garden with "fantastic" rocks and a pavilion, colours on silk, 41cm x 177cm, presented in two halves on the wood folding frame, with an outer solid gilded border, overall 57cm x 193cm

Sold For: £4000.00

Lot 328: A CHINESE CARVED HARDWOOD DISPLAY STAND, late Qing dynasty, comprising eight tiered shelves, each with scroll and lotus pierced galleries and spandrels, 125cm wide x 153cm high x 40.5cm deep

Sold For: £1000.00

Lot 329: A CHINESE HUALI DISPLAY SHELF, the rectangular top with a central "floating" panel above asymetric shelves with moulded fronts, all above two small cupboard doors and a single short drawer, 42" high x 30" wide

Sold For: £280.00

Lot 330: A PAIR OF CHINESE HARDWOOD LOW TABLES, the square tops with central floating panels above single frieze drawers and panelled cupboards, on straight legs, 23" high x 22" square (2)

Unsold (Estimate): £100-200

Lot 331: A CHINESE HARDWOOD ALTAR TABLE, the rectangular top with downswept ends and a pierced frieze of stylised clouds, on shaped legs with conforming stretchers, 31.5" high x 47" wide

Sold For: £150.00

Lot 332: A CHINESE HONGMU ALTAR TABLE, the rectangular top with raised scrolling ends and three burrwood panels above a shaped frieze with low relief carved decoration, on conforming legs with outswept feet, 32" high x 48" wide

Sold For: £2000.00

Lot 333: A PAIR OF CHINESE CARVED HARDWOOD AND INLAID HEXALOBE STANDS, Republic period, each with leaf tip repeat carved frieze over spandrels centred by jade inlaid coin motifs flanked by bats, on grooved pegs, 88cm high x 48.5cm dia. Provenance: Private collection, Knightsbridge

Sold For: £1200.00

Lot 334: A COLLECTION OF PAPUA NEW GUINEA AND ABORIGINAL ARTEFACTS including a Papua New Guinea axe with a greenstone head, with patterned fancy bindings in orchid vine, to a conforming rear head and tapering shaft, 55cm high; two boomerangs and a swan neck hunting boomerang, 67.5cm, 66cm and 74cm long; a Papua New Guinea carved wood figure, standing on an isolated head, 52cm; a Sepik River small splashboard (?), 38cm high; a plaited copper wire bracelet and an oval carved wood artefact; a small hand club, 30cm long. Collected by WS Shackleton, Esq. (Aircraft Designer, Cousin of Sir Ernest Shackleton, who was stationed in Papua New Guinea in the 1920's at an aircraft station, and acquired these pieces.

Sold For: £800.00

Lot 335: AN INDONESIAN LUTE (HASAPI), late 19th/early 20th century, of boat shape, carved with a mask amongst scrolls, the head with five abstract animal and human forms. Lute from the Toba Batak people from Sumatra. For a similar example see the Metropolitan Museum of Art: accession no. 1990.130.1

Sold For: £100.00

Lot 336: A COLLECTION OF 19TH CENTURY PHOTOGRAPHS, collected in an album, mainly Asian subjects, including: Hong Kong 1882 (view of bay), Canton 1882 (paddlesteamer), Singapore (barracks), Gibraltar c.1865/1866, Cape of Good Hope 1867, the Cheshire Regiment, the Zulu Wars c.1879, Mauritius (portraits etc.), Madras 1879, Siamese subjects (Princess and dancers 1880), Japanese views and trades

Sold For: £2200.00

Lot 337: A PAIR OF CHINESE MINIATURE ENAMEL VASES, decorated with birds against a yellow ground, 9cm high

Sold For: £22000.00

Sale Catalogue: Page 4

Lot 1
A collection of golf clubs

Estimate: £10-20

Lot 2
A 19th century stoneware 'Harvesting' jug and another similar

Estimate: £10-20

Lot 3
A mahogany and mother-of-pearl inlaid mantel clock and a pair of similar candlesticks

Estimate: £40-60

Lot 4
A pair of royal blue cloisonne vases and a similar bowl

Estimate: £20-40

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