Lot 1395. PRINCE PAUL TROUBETZKOY (1866-1938) A woman seated

PRINCE PAUL TROUBETZKOY (1866-1938) A woman seated, signed and dated "Paul Troubetzkoy, Paris, 1906". Bronze, 46cm high Provenance: A European noble family Exhibited: Prima Esposizione Internazionale D'arte, Della Secessione, Roma 1913, No. 452 Prince Paul Troubetzkoy was born in Lake Maggiore, Italy, the son of an aristocratic Russian diplomat and an American opera singer. This gilded social status, coupled with his artistic talent meant Troubetzkoy was perfectly placed to capture the social elite at the turn of the nineteenth to twentieth centuries and indeed was a celebrity in his in own right. Troubetzkoy's forte was the society portrait, with particular emphasis on the seated figure. The present bronze can be compared to the well-known 'After the Ball', a portrait of Adelaide Auernheimer who along with her wealthy merchant husband Carlo Federico Aurnheimer became one of the main patrons of the Famiglia artistica milanese, an art gallery founded in 1873 for supporting young artists. Instead of modelling in clay, Troubetzkoy used a non-drying compound of clay and wax called plastilene, giving his finished works a great impression of immediacy. The present bronze is no exception. Troubetzkoy's fluid modelling technique can be seen here in the manipulation of the material, leaving clear thumb prints to be seen in the folds of drapery around the base.
Sold For £42000.00 In The Ceramics, Asian Art, Jewellery, Paintings, Furniture and Works of Art [14th and 15th September] - Sale Date 14th September 2017

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