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The Medals of N.G.P. Munnery

Medals and Militaria returns 9th May 2024! Featuring a magnificent ensemble of medals, arms, amour and art.

Each item in the collection is seared by the fingerprints of history, and intertwined with the eternal symbiosis of triumph and lamentation. One such example is this group of WWII Royal Canadian Air force medals, dedicated to Flying Officer Norman George Peter Munnery.

Norman Munnery enlisted in 1940, following his graduation from the St Thomas Technical Training School and received his wing at the navigation school at CFB Rivers, a Royal Canadian Air Force base.
Munnery was killed in action on 31st March 1944, aged 22. His aircraft, Halifax aircraft HX 322, was shot down by a German night-fighter aircraft at Caumont, France during night operations against Nuremberg, Germany. Sgts F. Boyd (RAF), W.M. Gibson (RAF), H.G. McNeight (RAF), F.V. Rhaney (RAF), FS A. Brice (RAF), and one other member of the crew, not Canadian, were also killed. This was Munnery's fourth operation and his was one of 108 Allied aircraft lost this night.
He was buried in Caumont, Departement du Pas-de-Calais, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France.

Whilst initially being reported missing, it was eventually concluded Munnery had been killed in action, and a letter was sent to his wife in Bournemouth England, offering the unfortunate news.

This enthralling lot bears the echoes of pride. victory, loss and lamentation. The Medals and Militaria auction serves to breathe new life into the memories of another age and the triumphs and tragedies of many a lost hero.

Lot 7 - £200 - £400