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The Poorton Coin Hoard

This important private collection of coins will be a stand alone sale on 23rd April at 10.30am. This hoard contains a vast variety including James I and Charles I gold coins, silver half crowns, shillings and sixpences; Elizabeth I, Phillip and Mary silver shillings and sixpenses. 
The Poorton coin hoard was discovered under the floor of South Poorton Farm. The cottage is situated in a small hamlet in West Dorset, and is a 17th century long-house. The property was purchased by the current owners in 2019 and they started an extensive renovation project. The modern concrete floor was removed and the floor dug down by nearly 2ft to prove greater height to the downstairs of the property. In some areas there were old flagstones under the concrete but the area the coins were found was bare earth. The coins were found by the owner whilst digging with a pickaxe by torchlight one late evening in October.

The coins have been with the British Museum for identification and cleaning, they feel the coins were deposited on one occasion around 1642-4.

The coins were found with a glazed pottery bowl which was unfortunately smashed either during the digging or before.

The auction of this private collection will take place on Tuesday 23rd April at 10.30am