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  • Call us: +44 (0) 1305 265 080

Insurance & Probate Valuations

Duke’s can provide a comprehensive insurance valuation service.

Written valuations for insurance purposes can vary from a single item to the contents of a large house. Before starting, we will discuss your requirements and the options available to ensure our valuation is carefully tailored to meet your specific needs.

Many fine art and chattel insurers have reviewed their risk management strategies and now require an up-to-date valuation of a house’s contents. In any event, it is advisable for clients with collections of valuable art, jewellery or antiques to have an itemised and bound valuation, to ensure the correct compensation is made in the unfortunate event of a claim. Such a valuation can help with painful disputes with loss adjusters.

The market price of unique valuables rarely moves in line with inflation. It can, and does, change dramatically over short periods of time, with factors such as fashion and condition having a dramatic effect on price. A regularly reviewed valuation may help reduce insurance premiums and facilitate the speedy settlement of a claim.

Duke’s offer a bound document, with photographs if appropriate, prepared by an experienced and senior valuer. We have a broad range of deeply knowledgeable specialists available to ensure the highest level of accuracy and service.

Duke’s valuation service is completely confidential and has a clear and competitive fee structure.


Valuer, Auctioneer, Head of the Quaterly Auctions and Asian Art

Collections & Private Sales, Asian Art, Classic Cars & Transport Memorabilia, Insurance & Probate Valuations

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Area Representative and Professional Valuation Specialist

Collections & Private Sales, Insurance & Probate Valuations, Valuations for Inheritance Tax Assessment

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Senior Valuer, Auctioneer and Head of Silver, Wines and Spirits

Furniture, Sculpture & Works of Art, Affordable Luxury, Insurance & Probate Valuations, Silver & Objects of Vertu, Rugs & Textiles, Books & Manuscripts

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Senior Valuer, Auctioneer, Head of Watches, Coins, Sporting & Natural History

Sporting & Natural History , Watches, Jewellery, Insurance & Probate Valuations, Coins

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Director and Head of Paintings

Decorative Art, Paintings, Insurance & Probate Valuations

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Head of Jewellery

Jewellery, Insurance & Probate Valuations

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Collections & Private Sales, Furniture, Sculpture & Works of Art, Valuations for Inheritance Tax Assessment, Insurance & Probate Valuations

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Partner, Senior Valuer, Auctioneer

Ceramics & Glass, Collections & Private Sales, Valuations for Inheritance Tax Assessment, Furniture, Sculpture & Works of Art, Books & Manuscripts, Insurance & Probate Valuations

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