Sculpture and Works of Art

One of the more varied categories, Sculpture and Works of Art covers a wide range of items and history. From early religious statuary in wood, through sumptuous classical and grand tour marble, to the celebrated bronzes of the 20th century, Sculpture is a key field in Duke’s auctions, and one that we achieve consistently impressive results.

Works of Art, or Objets d’Art is a collectors haven, whether its the bijouterie of a Regency gentleman, such as enamel snuff boxes, to the must have accessories of the early 20th century, a Cartier gold cigarette case for example, Duke’s are able to offer their expertise on this broad and fascinating area.

An Italian cast bronze sculpture, believed to be the Imperial Elephant, Soliman the Magnificent, 4.5" x 6.75". 

Soliman the Magnificent belonged to Maxilmilian, Arch Duke of Austria (1527-1576) and it is understood that he was a young Asian elephant that Maximilian took from Madrid to Vienna.

Provenance: Private Collection, North Dorset.

Sold for £59,750

A Paris enamelled gold table snuff box, oval box, the cover, sides and base chased with trailing Rococo scrollwork, the cover enamelled with translucent blue enamelled flowers, and each side centred with a trio of shaped oval cartouche enamelled with miniatures of classical scenes, en plein, in the manner of Francois Boucher

Provenance: Private collection, West Dorset.

Sold for £13,420

An important cork model of the Greek Temple of Neptune at Paestum attributed to Domenico Padiglione, with exceptionally fine detail including fallen masonry around the perimeter, on an ebonised plinth, 26" x 11.75" x 7.5" high

Provenance: This exceptional cork model was probably acquired by the Great Great Grandfather of the vendor, Edward Dawson (1802-1859) of Launde Abbey, Leicestershire.

Sold for £40,260


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